Model DL250A
Loại Bánh lốp
Trọng lượng vận hành 14 200 kg
Dung tích gầu (SAE HEAPED) 2.5 ~ 3.1 m3
Công suất động cơ (SAE j1349, net) 127 kW / rpm
Thương hiệu Doosan
Xuất xứ Hàn Quốc
Địa điểm  Hà Nội, Đà Nẵng, Đồng Nai


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Be part of the great Doosan family


The Doosan Group - founded in 1896 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea - is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world:


- With more than 37,500 employees in 38 countries, we are a major player in a variety of industries worldwide.


- A global leader in the Infrastructure Support Business (ISB), with 56 subsidiaries and 3,700 distributors worldwide.


- Dramatic growth over the past two decades, with an annual Doosan Group revenue rising from €2.4 billion in 1998 to €12.8 billion in 2016


Doosan Group – a top player worldwide


Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LC-5


- Doosan Infracore: Among the world's Top 5 manufacturers of construction equipment


- Doosan Bobcat: A leading company in the design, manufacture, marketing, distribution and service of small equipment and attachments for construction, agriculture, and landscaping. Leading position in the global compact equipment market. N° 1 in North America for SSL, CTL and MEX. 


- Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction: World N° 1 in desalination plant construction, World N° 1 in heat recovery steam generator market, World N° 1 in mould & tool steel, World N° 3 in crankshafts


- Doosan Engineering & Construction: A pioneering leader in construction of residential and public buildings, civil works and industrial facilities. World N° 1 chemical process equipment products


Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LC-5


Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment


Creating construction equipment for over 40 years. For over 40 years, we've been building a global production and business network to become one of the world’s foremost construction equipment manufacturers.


A solid partner, close to you. A truly global player in every respect, we have large-scale factories, sales subsidiaries and dealers all over the world.


From machine manufacturer... to full solution provider


To ensure the highest trade-in and residual values, our parts and service support professionals maintain the performance, productivity and reliability that you expect of our products throughout their lifetime.


Ask your dealer for a full range of services designed especially for you!


As your local specialist, your dealer ensures that you receive the maximum benefit from our integrated package. Plan ahead to ensure the success of your equipment!


Experience the Doosan product range!


Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LC-5


- Articulated Dump Trucks


- Máy xúc lật Doosan


- Máy đào bánh lốp Doosan


- Máy đào Doosan dòng mini


- Máy đào bánh xích Doosan




Raise profits, productivity & fuel efficiency - MÁY XÚC LẬT DOOSAN DL250A


High productivity & low cost of ownership Delivers higher productivity & reduced fuel consumption in an efficient & comfortable work environment. 


Reliability: Reinforced castings and forged steel pivot points and reinforced heavy-duty arm and boom to withstand high-impact materials. Large, robust boom and arm cylinders for smooth, powerful operation. Advanced pin & bushing technology.


Productivity: State-of-the-art bucket and arm digging forces.


Plug & play: Machine Guidance options available with major brands' ready kits (Trimble, Leica, Xsite etc.) and can differ by model and region.


̮Safety: Rear camera and large side mirrors, powerful lighting, & anti-slip steps and platforms. Guard rails on upper structure.


Special applications: Two-piece boom and dozer blade configurations are ideally suited for special applications. Additionally, rubber pads are available as option


Easy-to-use attachments: Set flow & pressure of the auxiliary lines directly from the control panel. Additionally, 10 pre-sets are available to record specific settings.


Comfort: One of the most spacious cabs in the market, with low noise & vibration levels and excellent all-round visibility. Fully adjustable heated air suspension seat, air conditioning with climate control as standard.


̮Controllability: Exclusive jog shuttle switch, 4 work & 4 power modes, proportional control, user-friendly 7” TFT LCD colour monitor.


Power: Exceptionally powerful - with high torque at low revs - the Stage IV compliant Perkins engines are free from Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and associated regeneration system for more fuel efficiency


Efficient fuel management: A new SPC (Smart Power Control) system, combined with settable engine shut-off, provides an additional reduction of up to 3%. 


 Electric fan clutch: For optimum cooling, fan speed is controlled electronically by a fan clutch, resulting in lower fan noise and better fuel efficiency.


Advanced filtration: Highest efficiency filters & cleaners remove water, dust & particles to protect your investment optimally


̮Easy maintenance: Easy access to all compartments. Maintenance data directly available from control panel.


Undercarriage durability: Forged steel and deephardened top rollers – oil-lubricated rollers – heattreated sprockets – deep-hardened, heat-treated, grease lubricated & longer life track chains.


Rubber pads: Ideal for urban applications with their low ground disturbance, rubber pads are available as option.




Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LC-5


The power to raise productivity


Máy xúc lật Doosan DL250A takes even the heaviest tasks in its stride with efficient, dependable performance that saves you time and money:


- Improved hydraulic system uses the engine power more effectively, maximising pump output and offering more comfort, smoothness and accuracy


- Increased digging power, lifting capacities and traction force combine for performance you can rely on, day after day


- Greater fuel efficiency means you can keep costs down and reduce environmental impact.




Máy xúc lật Doosan DL250A is equipped with a Perkins engine. Famous for excellent fuel efficiency, reliability and long service life, it combines exceptional power output and high torque at low revs. Engine is fitted with common rail fuel injection combined with an wastegate turbocharger which increases the density of the air enabling the engine to produce more power.


Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology - combined with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) - ensures compliance with Stage IV regulations. As there is no need for a particulate filter, there is no need for regeneration.


If the engine is the heart of the excavator, the e-EPOS is its brain - providing a perfectly synchronised communication link between the engine’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and the hydraulic system. A CAN (Controller Area Network) system enables a constant flow of information between engine and hydraulic system, so that power is delivered exactly as needed.




Choice between 4 power modes and 4 working modes guarantees optimum performance in all conditions


SPC (Smart Power Control): reduces engine RPM during low load demand & ensures pump torque control, thus ensuring fuel efficiency and low emissions


Engine auto-shut-off: shuts down the engine after the machine has been idling for a specified time


Electronic control of fuel consumption optimises efficiency


Auto-idle function saves fuel


Eco guidance in real time: eco gauge provides information about fuel consumption relative to machine performance in real-time. By trying to keep the right-hand LED bar from rising, the operator can teach himself how to save fuel and work efficiently


For optimum cooling, fan speed is controlled by a viscous clutch resulting in a lower fan noise & better fuel efficiency.


Wastegate turbocharger: Allows diverting of exhaust gases away from the turbine wheel to better regulate max boost pressure & protect engine. It also results in less lag time before turbo begins to spool/create boost maximizing torque, plus reduce wear in high rpm & low load conditions. Turbocharger increases the density of the air, enabling the engine to produce more powerwith few effects from altitude.


Electronic viscous fan clutch: For optimum cooling, fan speed is controlled electronically by a fan clutch, resulting in lower fan noise and better fuel efficiency.




Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LC-5


Best-in-class operator environment


Máy xúc lật Doosan DL250A are powered by industry-leading engines that save on fuel and meet the latest Stage IV European regulations in addition to all noise regulations. The low levels of cab vibration and noise provide exceptional operator comfort - and the cab air is filtered to ensure a healthy work environment.


Straight travel pedal


For straight machine movement – ensures comfort during on hill operation or front equipment combined movements such as boom/arm or boom/swing.


Two-way proportional pedal


For maximum comfort when operating attachments - operator can easily set his preference in the control panel to operate with the rollers on joystick or with the pedal.


Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LC-5


- Large sun roof


- Sun visor


- Storage compartment for sunglasses


- Window grip


- Hot/cool box


- Upper front window is strut-assisted for easy, reliable adjustment and integrates a sun shade


- Photo sensor detects radiant energy from the sun and adjusts temperature automatically


- Improved visibility on the bottom right


- Joysticks and switches are integrated in adjustable control consoles


- Separate seat height adjustment lever and cushion tilting function


- Pedal for auxiliary control 1 & 2 ways


-  Straight ergonomic pedals


-  Flat, spacious, easy-to-clean floor


-  Engine emergency stop switch


-  Two-piece boom or straight travel pedal


The highest standards of efficiency at your fingertips


The advanced & user-friendly technologies are just some of the many advantages of this generation. The ergonomic controls and the easy-to-view colour monitor place the machine firmly in your hands.


- The new multi-function 7" TFT LCD monitor displays a comprehensive range of useful technical information, allowing you to check the machine’s status and settings at a glance


- Highly sensitive & low-effort joysticks and clear convenient controls enable you to work safely, smoothly & confidently with minimum effort for increased comfort, efficiency and production


- Doosan’s unique jog shuttle switch gives you easy, precise control over all machine functions


- Proportional auxiliary flow means precision control, smoothness & efficiency when using attachments


Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LC-5


TFT LCD colour monitor panel


The upgraded 7” Thin-Film-Transistor (TFT is a technology that improves image quality) LCD panel features a day and night display. The userfriendly monitor gives full access to machine settings and maintenance data. Any abnormality is clearly displayed on the screen, allowing you to work safely and confidently with an accurate overview of all conditions. All functions are totally controllable, directly via the screen or using the exclusive jog shuttle switch.


1. Fuel consumption level: current, total & daily average fuel consumption


2. Fuel level


3. AdBlue® level


4. Eco symbol: changes colour when operating conditions change (idle, normal or loading)


5. Eco gauge: shows the average fuel efficiency


6. Engine coolant and hydraulic oil temperatures


7. Warning symbols


8. New shortcut menu: displayed on the right for rapid access to main functions


9. Optional anti-theft password-controlled starting


10. Filter oil information


11. Attachment management: stores up to 10 different attachment presets, enabling the operator to set hydraulic flow & pressure according to his needs


Dynamic power management


Automatic travel speed function


Activating the power boost control system increases digging force by 10%


A one-touch deceleration button immediately reduces engine speed to low or idle


Auto-idling starts 4 seconds after all controls are returned to neutral - decreasing fuel consumption and reducing noise levels in the cab


Intelligent floating boom mode (optional).


The "intelligent floating boom" function allows the boom to move up & down freely according to application:


Hydraulic breaker setting: during boom down operation the boom moves down freely under its own weight, which reduces vibration, stress on the machine & increases breaker life


Fully floating mode: during boom down selection the boom is allowed to rise & fall as required while the bucket is drawn across the ground


4 Work modes & 4 Power modes


Deliver the needed power according to your specific application while minimising fuel consumption:


1-way mode, 2-way mode, Digging mode and Lifting mode


Power-plus mode, Power mode, Standard mode, Economy mode


Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LC-5




Xe lu Hamm 311D


Xe lu Hamm 311D


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Xe lu Hamm 311D


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