HP 280


Model HP 280
Type Pneumatic tyre roller
Operating weight with ROPS 9 295 kg
Drum width 1 830 / 1 830 mm
Emission standard EU Stage IIIA / EPA Tier 3
Brand Hamm
Country of Manufacture Germany
Location Viet Nam
Options HAMM Temperature Meter (HTM), Back-up alarm (reversing), Working lights, Rotating beacon, Cup holder, Locking device,...
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It was in 1911 when Hamm developed the first road compaction equipment with a diesel engine – since then our innovative team has been designing trend-setting machinery. Today, HAMM is the world‘s major producer of asphalt rollers and soil compactors.


HAMM is famous worldwide for powerful and user-friendly compaction machines for a wide variety of jobs associated with road construction and earth works. Moreover, Hamm rollers are convincing because of their ergonomic and innovative design. HAMM has been awarded a total of 20 design prizes for all its innovations.


Hamm HP 280 is one of the typical products in Hamm HP, which offer impressive performance in earthwork and asphalt construction across the entire line. Drivers experience a spacious and comfortable driver's platform, available as a panoramic cab or open version. An asymmetrical frame and the clever machine design also produce excellent visibility.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


We offer a broad range of services in all areas of road construction and refurbishment. With passion and dedication our highly motivated team ensures your success at the construction site.


Market-leading products and top service with tried and tested quality standards give you the confidence you need in your fiercely competitive environment. The Wirtgen Group’s successful brands of long standing will safely keep you on the road to success.




Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280
  Unit HP 280
Operating weight with cab kg  9 480
Operating weight with ROPS kg 9 295
Basic weight no cab, without ROPS kg 8 265
Operating weight, max. kg  26 950
French classification min. value/category   13.0 / PLO
French classification max., value/category   35.0 / P1
Min. wheel load per tyre, front/rear kg 3 505 / 3 065
Max. wheel load per tyre, front/rear kg  2159/1967
Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280
Total length  mm 4970
Total height with cab mm 3000
Total height with ROPS mm 2986
Height, loading, min.  mm  2320
Wheelbase mm 3900
Total width with cab mm  2166
Max. working width mm 2084
Ground clearance, center mm 300
Turning radius, inside mm 6200
Size of tyres, front/rear   11.00 - R20 / 11.00 - R20
Width over tyres, front/rear mm  1830/1830
Number of tyres, front/rear   4/4
Manufacturer   DEUTZ
Type   TCD 2012 L04 2V
Number of cylinders    4
Power rat. ISO 14396, kW/PS/rpm   85,0/115,6/2000
Power rating SAE J1349, kW/HP/rpm   85,0/113,9/2000
Emission standard   EU Stage IIIA / EPA Tier 3
Speed, working gear km/h 0-19,0
Regulation, infinitely variable   Hammtronic
Climbing ability, with/no ballast % 25/35
Oscillation angle +/- ° 2
Steering, type   Two-point steering
Water sprinkler, type   Pressure
Fuel tank, capacity L  235
Water tank, capacity L  650
Additive tank, capacity L 28
Acoustic power LW(A), sticker LW(A) 103
Acoustic power LW(A), measured LW(A) 102




Note: standard or optional equipment depends on the standard of each country. Please contact us for the answer.


EQUIPMENT: 12 V sockets (double), 2 large working and rear view mirrors, Dashboard with displays, indicator lights and switches, Tiltable dashboard, ECO mode, Speedcontrolled water  sprinkling system, Levelling of front wheelset, Vibration-isolated operator’s platform, Maintenance platform, Spray system with spray bars front and rear, Water filtering (triple), Water tank, front, Central water drain


OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: Machine with 10-ton operating weight and additional water tank, Brush scraper, collapsible, Plastic scraper, foldable, ROPS cabin with split doors, Heating and air conditioning, Steering column with comfort exit and tiltable dashboard, Version with ASC (antislip control), Hydraulic oil, biodegradable (Panolin), Radio, Tachograph, Fire extinguisher, Edge pressing and cutting equipment, Spare tyre, Thermal aprons, HAMM Temperature Meter (HTM), Back-up alarm (reversing), Working lights, Rotating beacon, Cup holder, Locking device




Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280
Panoramic cabin with all-round view and ROPS. Split doors are available as an option. Integrated sunscreen. Plenty of headroom. Two sockets (12 V)  along with two drinks holders and storage compartments as standard. Ergonomically optimised operator’s platform with manually sliding seat-operating unit (swivelling option available); wide range of adjustment possibilities. Language-neutral design. Joystick for convenient travel. Armrest hinged for entering and leaving (option).
The accessway to the operator’s platform can be easily folded down, turning it into an accessway for servicing. Very safe access to the engine, with three large footplates. Bright working spotlights on the cabin. Halogen lights fitted as standard. Tyre illumination (optional).
Air conditioning (option). Air outlets for agreeable temperature control and supply of fresh air. Ventilation slots for fast de-icing. Complete, even compaction thanks to generous overlapping of tyre tracks.
Asymmetric frame, corresponding to the position of the wheel sets. Ensures clear view of the outer edges of the wheel sets Hydrostatic rear-axle drive with modern drive control for automotive travel.
Safe drive control via joystick and steering wheel. Pre-selection of maximum speed as standard. Automatic system for gentle acceleration and braking. High top speed. Option. Powerful braking system with discs on the front axle for machines from 20 t maximum weight upwards. Deceleration values well above specified requirements – even with maximum ballast.
Special wheel suspension system for uniform pressure distribution over the working surface, irrespective of ground conditions. Levelling on the front axle between both wheel pairs. Option. Speedy adjustment of tyre pressure from the operator’s platform, even while compacting.
Future-proof, water-cooled engines with Tier 3 exhaust post-treatment in accordance with the applicable regulations. Low-noise, environment-friendly operation. Electronic machine management system for monitoring all engine and vehicle functions. Automatic adjustment of both drive and engine speed to the prevailing operating conditions. Significant reduction in fuel consumption, exhaust and noise emissions.
Option. Anti-slip control for optimum traction on various ground surfaces and at different temperatures. Variable ballasting concept. Large ballast space. Easy loading and unloading. Ballasting can be carried out with various materials and weights.
Facility for self-ballasting in closed-bottom ballast space, volume 2 m³. Option. Speeds up tyre warming and guards against cooling. Easy mounting.
Option. Large additive tank with fill level monitoring. Additive sprinkled via water spray system, dosing in various mixing ratios. Mixing takes place only on the roller, hence no separation. Switching between water and additive possible at any time from the driver’s seat. Large water tank. Volume can be used for sprinkling as well as for weight increase.
Option. Tank with additional 1,500 l volume for use as water reservoir and for extra weight. With standard filler neck and C-pipe connection for fast filling. Includes water outlet. Option. Enables precise edge finishing. Positioned at the right rear, clearly visible. Track indicator for clean chamfering of the roadway included. Various cutting wheels and pressing rollers available.
Option. Modules for measuring, documenting and analysing compaction processes. HAMM Temperature Meter (HTM) for the measurement and display of asphalt surface temperature. HCQ Navigator for comprehensive compaction control and documentation. Option. Plastic carrier to hold brushes or coconut fibre inserts.


Outstanding visibility - The foundation for high-quality compaction


With their well-conceived design, a modern, spacious panoramic cabin and many creative refinements, the HP series pneumatic tyre rollers provide the best possible overview and maximum user-friendliness. Whether with a cabin or an open operator’s platform – the operator has an outstanding view of the machine and construction site at all times. A special feature of the compact pneumatic tyre rollers is their asymmetric frame. It ensures an unobstructed view of the outer edges of the front and rear wheels.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


Fully glazed, well-appointed panoramic cabin with generous interior.


Compact machine dimensions allow optimum overview of all areas directly in front of and behind the roller.


Tyre illumination for precise compaction.


Bright working lights, with LED or halogen lamps.


Comfort right from the start


In the HP, every driver can arrange their optimum workspace – the essential prerequisite for healthy, concentrated working.


- The tilt of the dashboard and steering wheel can be individually adjusted.


- Intelligently arranged nozzles supply fresh air to the cabin at all times and ensure clear windows.


- Generous leg room makes for comfortable seating.


- The seat can be moved to either side, with a swivelling option available. At the same time, the dashboard always remains in the driver’s field of vision.


- Spacious storage compartments for tidiness and safety.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


Get in and be comfortable


Drivers can climb aboard the HP series rollers safely and easily from either side via a wide accessway with large steps. At the heart of the workspace is the seat-operating unit with its integrated steering column that offers maximum freedom of movement and great flexibility.


he driver can adjust the spring-mounted driver’s seat and the armrests. The tilt of the dashboard with steering wheel is also adjustable to suit individual preferences. This means that every driver will very quickly find a comfortable, ergonomically advantageous and healthy working position in this roller.


The seat-operating unit can be rotated by 90° in either direction, locked and moved up to the outer edge of the platform for the best possible view of the sides as well as the area behind the roller – including an optimum view of the outer wheels.


Many agreeable details round out the comfortable workspace, including 12 V sockets, ample storage space and numerous fresh air nozzles as part of the standard specification.


Clear field of vision in all directions


Thanks to its outstanding visibility and powerful brakes, the HP is an extremely safe pneumatic tyre roller.


- Modern operation – safe operation: In the HP, the brake pedal is located on the seat-operating unit. As a result, it is always easily accessible, regardless of the sitting position. This helps to promote maximum possible safety


- Sturdy grab handles on both sides enable easy mounting and dismounting.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


The driver sits on the left or right of the platform while compacting, looking past the engine cover or water tank respectively. This means that he has the construction site in view at all times.


Compact design – good visibility


With their modern design and spacious driver platform, the HP series rollers are clearly laid out, user-friendly and compact. Whether from the cabin or from the open driver platform with ROPS – the operator has an excellent overview of the machine and construction site at all times.


Asymmetric frame


A special feature of the HP is its asymmetric frame. It is a hallmark and quality benefit in one, because the design in symmetry with the wheel sets provides a clear view of all outer wheels – in addition to the excellent overview of the construction site.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


Safely to the destination


A compact design for safe operation


The compact design of the HP, the shape of the engine cover and tank plus the high sitting position provide a workspace with an unobstructed view – to the front and to the rear. Persons and objects are spotted in good time. At the same time, the roller fulfils the latest, stringent field of vision requirements in their entirety.


Impressive braking power


With its powerful disc brakes, the HP 280 can be rapidly and safely brought from full speed to a standstill, even when carrying the maximum ballast load.


With optimum safety in mind, the brake pedal is integrally arranged on the seat-operating unit in such a way that the driver can find it in the same place in every working position and stop the roller immediately.


Of course, the braking power of the HP series pneumatic tyre rollers can be applied with great sensitivity because the electronically assisted drive control ensures gentle braking and acceleration – the basis for smooth asphalt paving with no bumps or hollows.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


First-class compaction - Satisfies even the most exacting requirements


The HP’s powerful, hydrostatic rear-axle drive combined with a sensitive control system allows the right speed to be set in every working situation. For example, the prescribed working speed can be conveniently set using a pre-selection wheel on the armrest. This is crucial for homogenous and thus high-quality compaction. Added to this is the intelligent drive control. It enables gentle, even acceleration and braking. This helps prevent unevenness during compaction and results in increased compaction quality.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


The efficient water sprinkling system prevents asphalt adhering to the wheels. When working with hard-to-compact asphalt or under challenging operating conditions, the additive sprinkling system ensures high quality.


The ingenious front-axle design ensures proper levelling between both wheel pairs at all times so that the load is distributed evenly across the substrate.


Using the tyre inflation system, the tyre pressure can be varied from 4 to 8 bar to adjust the footprint.


Simple and intuitive operation


Hiển thị bao gồm: hệ thống đèn, áp suất lốp, nhiệt độ, hệ thống phun nước và phụ gia.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


Logical, simple and user-friendly


With their clearly laid-out operator’s platform, the HP series pneumatic tyre rollers fit right into HAMM‘s range of ergonomically optimised rollers. For example, frequently needed operating and display elements are placed on the dashboard. This means they are always in the driver’s field of vision. The few switches are logically arranged in the operator’s platform with a clear structure. Moreover, all displays are language-neutral, making operation of the rollers very simple and easy to master.


The HP series rollers are controlled with a steering wheel. Drive control is by means of a joystick on the right armrest. The HP 180 and HP 280 are thus operated like a tandem roller. Construction companies can thus deploy their personnel flexibly on both roller types without the need for a familiarisation period.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


Easy access


Easy servicing is a key characteristic of the HP series pneumatic tyre rollers: all maintenance work can be carried out on one side of the engine. Topping up is also quick and easy thanks to convenient access to the water and diesel tank filler necks. 


All manual operations can be safely performed even in the dark because the cabin/roof lamps provide good illumination of the engine compartment. To ensure fast and thorough servicing, HAMM uses the WIRTGEN GROUP’s service diagnostic tool WIDIAG. The interface for this system is located in the compartment found in the multifunction armrest.


Low maintenance


Long maintenance intervals and few maintenance items are good indicators of mature technology. During routine service and maintenance, the HP series rollers stand out for their ease of access to vital points and wide-opening engine cover.


Environment-friendly engines


In the HP series, the HP 180 and HP 280 models come equipped with Tier 3 engine technology. This state-of-the-art combustion engineering allows them to fulfil the applicable legal requirements in different regions.


Proven and highly regarded all over the world - Outstanding performances in earthwork and asphalt construction


With their large tanks and robust engineering, the HP series rollers are exceptionally productive. They always get the job done reliably and safely, even on large construction sites. The range of potential applications extends from soil stabilisation and cold recycling to landscape gardening as well as final compaction and surface sealing in asphalt construction. The tyre pressure, machine weight, additive mixing and quantity as well as the top speed can be very easily adjusted to suit the application. Diverse options are also available for equipping the driver platform to suit all climatic zones.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


The large water and diesel tanks have sufficient volume for an uninterrupted day’s work.


The carriers can hold different scrapers, e.g. plastic scrapers and brushes without inserts or with coconut fibre inserts.


Anti-slip control ensures optimum traction when working in uneven terrain as well as on surfaces with varying temperatures.






The HP’s weight can be simply and flexibly adjusted using prefabricated ballast bodies.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


Utmost flexibility


In order to quickly outfit the HP with the perfect weight for each task, HAMM has developed an intelligent ballasting concept. It enables modification to a different operating weight in the user’s workshop or even on the construction site.


At the heart of it are the large ballast spaces located between the wheel sets, and an openbottom compartment frame with inserts. Loading and unloading can be carried out with minimal effort: prefabricated steel, magnetite or concrete ballast bodies are inserted and removed through the open-bottom frame using a fork-lift truck, for example. HAMM offers a range of ballast body kits of various sizes for this purpose. They enable different weights to be achieved.


There is also a model with a large ballast space (2 m³) for self-ballasting. As an option, an additional water tank with a volume of 1,500 l is available for all HP series rollers. It can be used as a water reservoir and also for extra weight. The additional water tank is linked to the standard water tank via interconnecting pipework. As an option, the water tank is also available with a C-pipe connection for fast filling.


Quality thanks to even weight distribution


Because the ballast spaces are located in the centre of the machine, the weight is always evenly distributed over both axles – perfect conditions for optimum compaction quality. Here, the loads vary between 1.25 and 3.5 t per wheel.


Xe lu Hamm bánh lốp HP 280


Efficient maintenance - User-friendly and simple


Daily maintenance is carried out in minutes, leaving plenty of time for compaction.


- A rail on the maintenance side of the engine ensures safety when carrying out routine checks.


- Large footplates provide quick and easy access to the maintenance platform on the engine.




xe lu Hamm 3410


See more at: HERE


The HCQ modules create transparency, increase compaction quality and make for a high level of efficiency.


HCQ: smart system for maximum compaction quality


High-quality compaction means compacting the ground to the required load-bearing capacity – over the entire area and to the required depth. HAMM has developed various measurement systems to check the compaction and bundled them under the name HCQ. These products aid the measurement, documentation and analysis of the compaction processes and offer the maximum possible flexibility, because they are modular in design and perfectly matched to one another.


HAMM Compaction Meter: measuring subsoil rigidity in real time


The HAMM Compaction Meter (HCM) serves to measure and display the subsoil rigidity. To do so, an acceleration sensor on the drum measures the ground rigidity during dynamic compaction. The measurement result, the HMV value, shows the driver whether or not the subsoil is sufficiently compacted. In many cases, this information helps to reduce the number of passes and avoid over-compaction.


HCQ Navigator: area-wide, homogenous compaction


The HCQ Navigator is a satellite-based documentation system for the collection and display of all important parameters during compaction. It creates a real-time compaction map via the HCQ satellite receiver. It shows the areas that have already been adequately compacted and those that require further compaction on a panel PC in the roller. The data from a number of rollers may also be linked via a WLAN. This enables the roller drivers to compact even more efficiently.


The HCQ Navigator’s mobile panel PC for the display and storage of all measurement data.




Everything about the HD+ series rollers is geared to performance: the generously sized tanks and the large drum diameters, as well as the powerful traction and vibration (or oscillation) drives. Thanks to Hammtronic and many other intelligent solutions, the HD+ is very economical in use. That is the reason why these rollers are the right choice for efficient compaction of large areas.


hammtronic gia tăng hiệu xuất làm việc của xe lu hamm


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3-point articulation



Highlights of Series HP


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