Model ZX330LC-5G
Type Telescopic Arm 30m, Clamshell Bucket
Operating Weight 45 500 kg
Digging Depth 30 m
Engine Rated Power 184 kW (246 HP)
Brand Hitachi
Country of Manufacture Japan
Location Viet Nam


Getting More of Deep Excavation, Breakthrough Performance over 30-Ton Class


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The ZX330LC-5G with the Hitachi’s new original telescopic arm is designed for productive deepexcavation. Excavation, extension and pull-up are powerful and speedy thanks to breakthrough performance-bucket capacity, digging depth and loading ability over the 30-ton class base machine. This machine brings truly productive, safe and fuelefficient deep excavation.


Base machine : ZAXIS 330LC


- Bucket capacity : 1.55 m3 19 % UP


- Max.digging depth : 30 m 20 % UP


Note : Data above compared to a ZX330LC-5G with 25 m telescopic arm.




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A Distance between tumblers mm 4 050
B Undercarriage length mm 4 940
*C Counterweight clearance mm 1 160
D Rear-end swing radius mm 3 780
E Overall width of upperstructure mm 3 290
F Overall height of cab mm 3 460
*G Min. ground clearance mm 500
H Track gauge mm 2 590
I Track shoe width mm G 600
J Undercarriage width mm 3 190
K Overall width (folding the step) mm 3 390 (3 060)
L Overall length mm 20 250
M Overall height of boom mm 3 170
N Track height with triple grouser shoes mm 1 060
O Swing centre to front distance mm 16 480
* Excluding track shoe lug G: Triple grouser shoe


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Telescopic arm type   S-TC300R-B
Telescopic arm system   Hydraulic cylinder + wire rope
A Max. vertical digging depth mm 30 000
B Radius at max. vertical digging depth mm 6 970
C Max. vertical digging radius mm 8 550
D Depth at max. vertical digging radius mm 25 710
E Max. working radius mm 11 180
F Max. dumping height mm 4 840
G Min. front swing radius mm 5 550
H Height at min. front swing radius mm 17 550
I Cab sliding distance mm 1 300


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Model Isuzu AH-6HK1X
Type 4-cycle water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged, intercooled
No. of cylinders 6
Rated power    
ISO 9249, net kW 184 kW (246 HP) at 2 000 min-1 (rpm)
SAE J1349, net kW 184 kW (246 HP) at 2 000 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum torque Nm 873 Nm (89.0 kgfm) at 1 700 min-1 (rpm)
Piston displacement L 7.790
Bore and stroke mm 115 mm x 125 mm
Batteries   2 x 12 V / 128 Ah
Hydraulic Pumps    
Main pumps 2 variable displacement axial piston pumps
Maximum oil flow L/min 2 x 279
Pilot pump 1 gear pump
Maximum oil flow L/min 32.8
Hydraulic Motors    
Travel 2 variable displacement axial piston motors
Swing 1 axial piston motor
Relief Valve Settings    
Implement circuit MPa (kgf/cm2) 34.3 (350)
Swing circuit MPa (kgf/cm2) 32.4 (330)
Travel circuit MPa (kgf/cm2) 34.3 (356)
Pilot circuit MPa (kgf/cm2) 3.9 (40)
Power boost MPa (kgf/cm2) 38.0 (388)
Tracks Heat-treated connecting pins with dirt seals. Hydraulic (grease) track adjusters with shock-absorbing recoil springs
Numbers of Rollers and Shoes on Each Side    
Upper roller   2
Lower rollers   8
Track shoes   48
Track guard   3
Travel Device Each track driven by 2-speed axial piston motor. Parking brake is spring-set/hydraulic-released disc type.
Automatic transmission system High-Low
Travel speeds km/h km/h High : 0 to 4.9 km/h Low : 0 to 3.1 km/h
Maximum traction force kN (kgf) 298 kN (30 400 kgf)
Gradeability % (degree) 70 (35)
Fuel tank L 630.0
Engine coolant L 35
Engine oil L 36
Swing device L 15.7
Travel device (each side) L 9.2
Hydraulic system L 340
Hydraulic oil tank L 180
Revolving Frame D-section frame skirt for resistance to deformation
Swing Device Swash plate piston motor with planetary reduction gear is bathed in oil. Swing circle is single-row. Swing parking brake is spring-set/hydraulicreleased disc type.
Swing speed min-1 10.7
Swing torque kNm (kgfm) 120 kNm (12 200 kgfm)
Operator's Cab Independent spacious cab, 1 005 mm wide by 1 675 mm high, conforming to ISO* Standards. * International Organization for Standardization


Shoe type Shoe width Operating weight Ground pressure
Triple grouser 600 mm 45 500 kg 85 kPa (0.87 kgf / cm2)
Equipped with type S-TC300R-B and 1.55 m3 clamshell bucket (SAE/PCSA heaped).


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Bucket type   S-SP155
Bucket capacity m3 1.55
Bucket capacity kN (kgf) 99.1 (10 100)
Max. height mm 3 590
Max. opened height mm 3 060
Closed width mm 2 170
Opened width mm 2 480
Bucket width mm 1 200
Number of teeth   7
Weight kg 2 350




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New Big Clamshell Bucket


A new big 1.55 m3 clamshell bucket, 19% greater than ever, can be equipped on a new telescopic arm whose bucket pull-up force is increased greatly. This clamshell bucket employs a roller-support type sliding mechanism to reduce the load to clamshell cylinders for higher durability. This allows for deeper, more productive digging. The clamshell bucket also has an ejector function for swift dumping onto a truck. Its bucket jolt-reducing device can speed up positioning in underground work and during dumping on a truck.


High Versatility


This machine, featuring 30 m digging depth, is designed to reduce operating weight and ground pressure, suited especially for job sites whose load-bearing capacity and work space are limited. The base machine is a versatile ZX330LC-5G that provides proven fuel efficiency, operator comfort, maintainability and durability. Consumables are readily available too.


Quicker Arm Extension


A mix of the new telescopic arm and hydraulic system dramatically increases arm extension speed and pull-up ability. What’s more, the big 1.55 m3 bucket helps increase production


Relentless Pursuit of Safety

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Sliding Cab - Sliding stroke distance: 1 300 mm


The sliding cab, on this telescopic arm excavator, projects forward, 960 mm more over a Hitachi standard model. This speciality design gives the operator better downward visibility from the operator seat, boosting efficiency with confidence. The cab can still slide a further 1 300 mm, totaling 2 260 mm, to give unobstructed view. To enhance safety, the cab can be locked in position with a switch, avoiding inadvertent movements. A walkway and handrail are provided for easy access to the cab


Large Cab-Floor Window


A large integral cabfloor window, made of polycarbonate, offers good downward see-through visibility to deep excavation underground. This makes it easier to position and excavate using the telescopic arm, boosting job efficiency and safety


Reduced Cab Vibration for Operator Comfort


Less cab vibration helps improve operator comfort. The cab sliding mechanism is redesigned from roller type to slide-plate type to increase contact areas for less vibration and shocks


Array of Safety Devices


To enhance safety, the machine is provided with an array of safety devices, including warning lights and safety alarm. Even if one of the twin ropes breaks or extends excessively, warning lights turn on and a safety alarm sounds to alert the operator to such a failure. The bucket landing alarm device also buzzers when the bucket lands at a target point for alerting


Arm Cylinder Stroke End Limit Device


At the cylinder stroke end, a limit device works to absorb shocks when loading a dump truck for safe, smooth operation


Twin-Rope Lines


The twin-rope lines are adopted for safety. Even if one of the twin ropes breaks, the other can hold the telescopic arm in position. To evenly distribute the load to twin roles in normal operation, an equalizer is provided to extend rope life.


Free-Fall Prevention Devices


Holding Valve: Even if piping or hose punctures, a combination of the telescopic arm cylinder and a holding valve on the boom cylinder can hold the clamshell to avoid its free fall.


Free-Fall Prevention Device: The clamshell is operated by twin-rope lines for its pull-up operations. Even if one of twin ropes breaks, the other can hold the clamshell to avoid its free fall


Miscellaneous Safety Accessories


- Bucket jolt-reducing device


- Bucket landing alarm device


- Leveler


- Operation warning lights


- Operator guard against falling prevention
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Durable, Simplified Engine


This engine has a track record showing impressive durability at countless tough job sites around the world. The engine - associated with a rugged design, a direct fuel injection system and an elaborate governor - goes green, and complies with EU Stage II and US EPA Tier 2 emissions regulations


Simplified Maintenance

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The long service life is ensured by using larger-diameter sheaves on the telescopic arm to reduce its bending force. To this end, sheaves and wire ropes are newly attached on the outside. This configuration is convenient for checking if the telescopic arm extends and retracts normally in daily maintenance


Extended Rope Life


Rope replacement intervals: 1 800 hours


Note: Rope replacement intervals vary according to operating conditions.
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Dust-Proof Indoor Net


An air condenser and radiator can be serviced with ease. For the air condenser, a dust-proof indoor net can readily be removed from its front for easy cleaning with compressed air. Also, it is openable at its rear for cleaning. For the radiator, air blowing can readily be done at its rear through a onetouch open cover


Electric Grease Gun




Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35


Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35


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Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35


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