Model GTC-1200
Brand Tadano
Maximum lifting capacity 120 t at 3.0 m
Maximum boom length 12.8 m - 47.2 m
Maximum lifting height  (boom+jib) 79.0 m
Emission standard Euromot IV
Year of Manufacture  2020
Country of Manufacture Japan
Location Viet Nam
Contact 0906 702 060 (Mr Tuyen)




Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200


Telescopic Boom Crawer Crane Tadano GTC-1200


Tadano Telescopic Boom Crawer Crane GTC-1200 is designed for quick and safe set up without the need of setting up outriggers and mats, maximum pick and carry capacity at 360 degrees slew conditions, more compact work dimension and lower bearing pressure. Because it is equipped with a hydraulic boom instead of a lattice boom, transportation costs are reduced significantly.


Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200


Telescopic Boom Crawer Crane Tadano




Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200


Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200
Maximum lifting capacity 120 t x 3.0 m
Maximum lifting height (boom + jib) 79 m


Boom 12.8 m - 47.2 m
Jib 3.8 m / 10.2 m / 18.0 m / 32.0 m





5-section full power telescoping boom with 2 extension modes. System consists of two double acting cylinders with load holding valves and extension and retraction cables

- Retracted Length: 12.8 m


- Extended Length: 47.2 m


- Extension Time: 170 s


- Elevating Angles: -2° to 82°


- Elevating Time: 89 s


- Boom Head: Eight, 543 mm diameter cast nylon sheaves on heavy-duty roller bearings (6 load bearing and 2 lead in sheaves).
Designed for quick reeving of head and load block

Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200
Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200

The GTC series utilizes superior designs from Tadano's global engineering team incorporating proven components from Tadano Japan, such as jibs, winches, and cylinders to achieve improved quality, performance, and reliability. 


Full power boom system


Robust double acting hydraulic cylinder allows telescoping of all rated loads.


Powerful winch


Grooved drums, cable followers and 3rd wrap shutdown are standard.


Tough & Durable Design


Less electronic components and simple control system. Class exceeding larger boom sections and boom head, stronger telescopic cylinder.


Long Boom and Enhanced Lifting Capacity


Longer boom and enhanced lifting capacity were achieved while retaining the heavy duty boom structure and the 'Genuine Pick and Carry Design'.


Track frame


Purpose design track frame design incorporating full use of FEM analysis ensuring high strength and durability


Carbody frame


Purpose design rugged carbody frame with strong track extension cylinders.

Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200

Planetary geared one-speed winch includes a hydraulic motor, multidisc internal brake and counterbalance valve. Drum rotation indicator is included (complete winch performance specs on Page 3)


- Main Winch


+ Rope Diameter and Length: 22 mm x 231 m


+ Single line pull: 104.8 kN (first layer)


+ Single line speed: 89.4 m/min (fourth layer)


- Auxiliary Winch


+ Rope Diameter and Length: 22 mm x 187 m


+ Single line pull: 104.8 kN (first layer)


+ Single line speed: 96.7 m/min (5th layer)

Quick reeve, single 543 mm diameter high-strength, cast nylon sheave mounted on a heavy-duty roller bearing. Allows single or 2 part reeving
Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200

5 piece counterweight design. Two upper counterweight configurations


- “A” Configuration = 10 590 kg


- “B” Configuration =  21180 kg


- “C” Configuration = 31 750 kg


- Two carbody counterweights, 4 535 kg each


Each side frame contains a pilot controlled, two-speed track drive with hydraulic axial piston motor and parking brake. Travel system provides skid steering and counter rotation.


- Low travel speed: 0.8 km/h


- High travel speed: 2.6 km/h


- Gradeability (unladen): 52%


Closed loop hydrostatic transmission with electronic displacement controlled piston pump. Operator selectable modes allow for either free swing with counter-swing or closed loop swing. Swing motor drives planetary gear reducer with a shaft mounted pinion, external gear shear ball slew bearing bolted to the superstructure and the carbody allows the superstructure to rotate 360°.


- Swing Speed: 0 - 1.8 rpm


- Swing Parking Brake: Spring applied failsafe brake with hydraulic release that is controlled from the operators cab


- Swing Service Brake: Hydraulically applied, controlled through foot actuated pedal


- House Lock Systems:


+ 4-position house lock (boom over front, rear or either side). Actuated from the operator’s cab.


+ 360 degree house lock. Actuated from the operator’s cab.


TADANO AML-C Rated Capacity Limiter and Anti-Two Block system


- OPTI-WIDTH™ - OPTIMAL lifting performance at any track WIDTH


- Control function shutdown. Audible and visual warnings


- LCD screen provides a continuous display of working boom length, boom angle, working load radius, tip height, swing position, partsofline (operator set), machine track configuration, relative load moment, maximum permissible load and actual load.


- Anti-two block weight allows quick reeving of hook block


- Operator configurable working range limits with automatic soft stop

cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC-600
Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200
Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200

Fully-enclosed, air conditioned all-steel modular cab with lockable sliding door, acoustical lining, anti-slip floor and tinted safety glass.


- Cab tilts 20°.


- Rear view, winch view and right side view video cameras


- Three remote control work lights.


- Vent window in the rear of the cab.


- Grab bars and steps are located for easy access to the cab.


- Defroster, heater, circulating fan


- 2-speed windshield wiper, top glass wiper


- Six-way adjustable fabric seat with headrest, seat belt


- Dome light


- Dry-chemical fire extinguisher


- Four-way electronic armrest mounted joysticks control swing, main winch, auxiliary winch, boom hoist and boom extend. Foot pedals control the travel and swing service brake functions. Swing brake pedal is hydraulic.


- Selectable modes for Fine Control and Travel. Travel function can be operated by foot pedals or joystick.


- Seat termination switch immediately disable all hydraulic functions as the operator rises from the seat. Functions can also be disabled by switch on console.


- Dash instrumentation: tachometer, hour meter, fuel gauge, and DEF level gauge. Indicators are provided for crane level, swing position, load moment, drum rotation, air filter restriction, engine oil temperature and pressure, hydraulic oil temperature and level, and hydraulic and air filter restriction, and low voltage

Automatic moment limiter [AML-C]
Tadano's AML-C is easy to use, innovative in design, displays important information to the operator and enables the operator to preset a custom working environment. For example, the AML-C shows the boom angle, boom length, load radius, operating pressure of the elevating cylinder, the extension width of the outriggers, slewing position, rated lifting capacity and present hook load. These features allow the AML-C to move seamlessly through all lifting operations without having to change configurations or input new codes to make the lift. The AML-C safety features provide both audible and visual warnings. When an operation approaches the load limit Tadano's slow stop function engages to avoid shock loads

High power engine provides superior travel and multi-function performance


Make/ Model: Cummins QSL


Max.Output: 350 hp (261 kW) @ 2100 RPM


Piston Disp: 8.9 L


Type: 6 Cylinder, Water cooled, 4 Cycle


Aspiration: Turbocharged and Aftercooled


Alternator: 70 amp


Emission Cert: U.S. EPA Tier 3, Euromot Stage IIIA


Max Torque: 1,519 Nm (1,120Lb-ft) @ 1500 RPM


Emission Cert: U.S. EPA Tier 4f, Euromot Stage IV


Max Torque: 1,628 Nm (1,201Lb-ft) @ 1500 RPM

24 VDC

Capacity: 473 liter


Filtration: Inline fuel/water separator and engine mounted fuel filter


Two welded steel side frames are paired with a track group. The side frames extend and retract hydraulically and are controlled from the cab.


- Track Rollers: Three top and ten bottom sealed rollers on each track frame Idler: Oil filled, self lubricating with nitrogen type tensioner


- Track Shoes: 900 mm, 3-bar semi grouse


Hydraulic Pumps: One high pressure, variable axial piston pump with load sense and power limiting control for crane functions. One gear pump for cooling function.


- Directional Valves: Multiple pressure and flow compensated valves with integrated relief valves controlled by electrical signals.


- Pump output: 840 l/min @ 2100 RPM engine speed. 345 bar maximum pressure


- Reservoir: 1385 liter capacity, filler breather cap, sight gauge, cleanout, and sump drain.


- Filtration: Three 5 micron, full flow tank mounted return filters with electrical clogging indicator. 2 micron pilot oil in-line pressure filter


- Diagnostic Ports Provided for system, load sense, and pilot pressure

cẩu địa hình Tadano GR-130EX-2
Cẩu địa hình Tadano GR-300EX-3

TADANO supports your crane management via the Internet, providing information about operational status, position and maintenance.


Monitoring machine information from your computer


1. Work History


HELLO-NET Owner’s Site displays the day-to-day operational status, mileage and remaining fuel for each machine equipped with a communication terminal. In addition, you can view a list displaying the number of hours of operation and the mileage of all your machines for any specified month.


2. Machine Position Data


Using HELLO-NET Owner’s Site, you can check a machine's latest position (up until the previous day) on a map. Two types of position data, listed below, are transmitted automatically from your machine once every day. Work Site: The location where the machine’s PTO has been activated (for one hour or more). Position at Day’s End: The final location from which GPS was able to receive data on a given day.


3. Maintenance Information


You can check the maintenance timetable of your machines for periodical replacement parts and inspection schedule. HELLO-NET supports the maintenance of your machine.


Telematics (machine data logging and monitoring system) with HELLO-NET via internet (*availability depends on the situation).


DETAILS: The availability of data communication systems, such as satellite or mobile communications which serve to widen the service area differs according to individual countries. Besides, there are some countries where the system itself is not in use yet. For details, please contact your distributor or our sales staff in charge.

cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC-350

3D Lift Plan*


Customize 3D lift simulation at your fingertips for FREE**. Easy access and user friendly webpage allows you to calculate crane configurations and ground bearing pressure simultaneously. Moreover, you can print out detailed configurations and 3D graphics to further support your work preparation.


*3D Lift Plan is a product of A1A Software LLC.


**Advanced customize functions will be extra

Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200

Self-removable counterweight


Counterweight can be hydraulically installed/removed by operating remote controller without the need of a support crane.


Three counterweight configurations can be selected.


Remote Controller: Counterweight, carbody jack, assist cylinders for jib, emergency backup operation

Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200

Easy Track Frame Removal System


Track frames and track extend beams can be easily unlocked and locked without the need of tools or heavy lifting by our patented system.

Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200

Two powerful winches with cable follower, drum rotation indicator and 3rd wrap indicator


3 Rotation Work Lights: Light angle can be adjusted by 360° degrees horizontally and 135° degrees vertically from the crane cab

Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200


- Heavy lift jib:


+ Total Length: 3.8m • Offset Angles: 20° & 40°

+ Max. Lifting Height: 46.5 m


- Main jib:


+  Total Length: 10.2m


- Offset Angles: 20° & 40°


+ Max. Lifting Height: 57.2 m


Fly jib:


- Total Length: 18.0m


- Offset Angles: 20° & 40°


- Max. Lifting Height: 65.1 m


Long jib:


- Total Length: 32.0m


- Offset Angles: 20° & 40°

- Max. Lifting Height: 79.0 m


Hook blocks


-  120t hook block – Six 457 mm steel sheaves, swivel hook & safety latch


- 64t hook block – Three 457 mm steel sheaves, swivel hook & safety latch


- 25t hook block – One 457 mm steel sheave, swivel hook & safety latch 


- Overhaul ball – 12.5t with swivel hook & safety latch


- Track Shoes: 900 mm flat shoe


- Tool Circuit: Provides 23 l/min and 45 l/min at 176 bar through a 15.2m twin hose reel with quick disconnect fittings to operate open center tools.


- High Flow Tool Circuit: Provides 170 l/min at 330 bar


- Free Fall Hoists: Winches are available in controlled free fall configurations.


- Cold Weather Packages: Cold weather options are available for operation to -40°C (Consult factory for application support)


- Work Platform: Model WP750 – 0.9m x 1.8m, all steel, welded, two person platform with maximum capacity of 340 kg.


- Radio control package.



Cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC1200
cẩu bánh xích Tadano GTC-600



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