Model GT-600EX
Brand Tadano
Maximum lifting capacity 60,000 kg
Maximum boom length 43 m
Maximum lifting height  (boom+jib) 58.1 m
Emission standard EURO Ⅲ
Year of Manufacture  2020
Country of Manufacture Japan
Location Viet Nam
Contact 0906 702 060 (Mr Tuyen)


Tadano GT-600EX's designed truck crane has been crafted in Japan using the accumulated engineering prowess of Tadano. It has a capacity of 60 metric tons


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Truck Crane Tadano GT-600EX


Tadano Truck Crane GT-600EX has a newly developed rounded solid boom of 43.0 m - the longest boom in its class. In addition, with the introduction of a new Automatic Moment Limiter model, the AML-C offers customers a safer operating environment. Further, improved traveling performance ensures a comfortable drive to work sites

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Truck Crane Tadano


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cẩu tự hành trên xe tải Tadano GT-600EX
Maximum lifting capacity boom 60 t x 3 m
Maximum lifting height boom  43.1 m
boom+jib  58.1 m

Maximum load radius:

boom  35.7 m
boom+jib  42.4 m
Maximum boom length   11 m - 43 m




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Operator Comfort


The crane cab provides improved livability and a more comfortable working environment. 


The crane operating levers are of finger control type and surely and steadily respond to the operator.


There is no need to detach the counterweights of the GT-350E-2 when traveling on roads. Thus, crane operations can be started once the crane has arrived at a work site.

Automatic moment limiter [AML-C]
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Tadano's AML-C is easy to use, innovative in design, displays important information to the operator and enables the operator to preset a custom working environment. For example, the AML-C shows the boom angle, boom length, load radius, operating pressure of the elevating cylinder, the extension width of the outriggers, slewing position, rated lifting capacity and present hook load. These features allow the AML-C to move seamlessly through all lifting operations without having to change configurations or input new codes to make the lift. The AML-C safety features provide both audible and visual warnings. When an operation approaches the load limit Tadano's slow stop function engages to avoid shock loads

The engine used in this model of crane is made by Daimler and has a maximum output of 260 kW. It satisfies the EUROⅢ standards and is environment-friendly


Daimler OM457LA, 4-cycle, turbo charged and inter cooled


Max. output 260kW {353PS}


Max. torque 1,850Nm {188kgf-m}

Hydraulic suspension


All axles are equipped with a hydraulic suspension system which helps absorb the shocks and vibrations which take place due to a change in road conditions (on a bad road) to realize comfortable roadability


Strengthened functions and equipment


Multistage transmission: 9-speed transmission forward


Differential gear lock


Electrically adjustable and defrosting rear view mirror


Cruise control


Emergency steering pump for greater safety


Tool box

Tadano TC-4255-2, 8 x 4
9 forward and 1 reverse speeds

Max. traveling speed: 84km/h


Gradeability(tanθ): 58%


Gross Vehicle Weight: 41 500 kg


Front axle weight: 16 000 kg


Rear axle weight: 25 500 kg

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5-section long boom: 43.0 m


2-staged bi-fold jib: 8.8/15.2 m


Maximum lifting height: 43.1m (Boom) 58.1m (Jib)


Maximum load radius: 35.7m (Boom) 42.4m (Jib)


Strong winches: 5,600 kgf

Two winches with cable follower
Both the main winch and the auxiliary winch have powerful 5-6 ton line pull and operate at high speeds for increased work efficiency.

Hydraulic axial piston motor driven through planetary speed reducer. Continuous 360 º full circle swing on ball bearing slew ring. Automatic Speed reduction and soft stop function.


Swing speed : 1.7r /min


Pumps - 2 variable piston pumps for telescoping, elevating and winches. Tandem gear pump for slewing and optional equipment


Control valves - Multiple valves actuated by pilot pressure with integral pressure relief valves.


Circuit - Equipped with air cooled type oil cooler. Oil pressure appears on AML display for main circuit.


Oil tank capacity - approx. 690liters


Filters - Return line filter

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Control of asymmetric outrigger extension width


At all times, the new type AML system offers a maximum “work value” for each work area. Even when the outrigger extension width differs between the front and the rear of the crane, or between its two sides, the AML detects such working conditions and displays the optimal value.


4-hydraulically operated H-type outriggers. Each outrigger controlled simultaneously or independently from either side of carrier. Equipped with sight level gauge. Floats mounted integrally with the jacks retract to within vehicle width. All cylinders fitted with pilot check valves. Crane operation with different extended length of each other


Equipped with extension width detector for each outrigger.


Extended width


Fully: 6,800 mm


Middle: 4600mm


Minimum: 2,390mm


Float size (Diameter): 400 mm




Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35


Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35


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Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35


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