Model WA200-6
Type Wheel Loader
Operating Weight With ROPS Cabin 9 630 kg
Bucket Capacity: 2.0 m3
Max. Engine Output 94 kW
Brand Komatsu
Country of Manufacture Japan
Location Viet Nam


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máy xúc lật Komatsu WA200-6
máy xúc lật Komatsu WA200-6
máy xúc lật Komatsu WA200-6
máy xúc lật Komatsu WA200-6



Model Komatsu SAA4D107E-1
Loại 4 thì, làm mát bằng nước, phun trực tiếp
Nạp khí Turbo tăng áp, làm mát trong
Số xi lanh thủy lực 4
Đường kính x khoảng chạy 107 mm x 124 mm
Công suất    
SAE J1995, gross kW (HP) 92.5 (128) ở 2 000 v/phút
SAE J1349/ISO 9249, net kW (HP) 94 (126) ở 2 000 v/phút
Bộ điều tốc   Tất cả tốc độ, bằng điện
Phương pháp truyền động quạt để làm mát tản nhiệt   Thủy lực
Hệ thống bôi trơn    
Cách thức   Bơm bánh răng, bôi trơn bằng lực
Lọc   Full-flow type
Dung tích xi lanh lít 4.46 
Lọc gió  Loại khô 2 lõi với bộ báo tắt lọc


Hệ thống dẫn động Dẫn động 4 bánh
Cầu trước và sau Bán tự do
Trước Lắp cứng trên khung trước
Sau Tự cân bằng
Bánh răng giảm tốc Spiral bevel gear
Differential gear Torque proportioning
Bộ truyền động cuối cùng Bánh răng hành tinh, giảm đơn


Phanh chính Phanh đĩa ướt lắp bên ngoài ở 4 bánh (loại tác động bằng thủy lực). Cơ chế độc lập cho trước và sau
Phanh đỗ Tác động bằng lò xo, mở bằng thủy lực, phanh đĩa ướt với trục truyền bên ngoài
Phanh phụ Phanh đỗ xe thường được sử dụng


Loại Hoàn toàn bằng thủy lực
Góc lái Mỗi bên 38° ; tối đa 40°
Bán kính vòng quay nhỏ nhất tính từ tâm lốp xe 5 100 mm


Điều khiển tay nâng Van 4 vị trí ; Nâng, Giữ, Hạ, Tự do
Điều khiển gầu với chế độ kiểm soát xúc tự động, Van 3 vị trí ; Xoay lại, Giữ, Đổ
Bơm chính (bơm lái chuyển) Bơm bánh răng
Lưu lượng tối đa lít/phút 85
Áp suất tối đa  MPa 20.6
Các xi lanh thủy lực    
Loại   Piston, Tác động ở 2 hướng
Số x Đường kính x khoảng chạy   70 mm x 453 mm
Bơm điều khiển tải Bơm bánh răng
Lưu lượng tối đa lít/phút 54 
Áp suất tối đa MPa 20.6
Các xi lanh thủy lực    
Loại Piston, Tác động ở 2 hướng
Số x Đường kính x khoảng chạy

Tay nâng gầu : 2 - 120 mm x 673.5 mm

Gầu : 1 - 130 mm x 493 mm

Van điều khiển

2-spool type

Các chu kì thủy lực    
Tay nâng gầu nâng lên s 5.9
Gầu đổ vật liệu s 1.4
Tay nâng gầu hạ xuống s 3.6


Thùng nhiên liệu lít 177
Nước làm mát động cơ lít 17
Nhớt động cơ lít 15.5
Hộp số và bộ biến mô lít 6
Moay-ơ và vi sai trục trước lít 18
Moay-ơ và vi sai trục sau  lít 18
Thùng nhớt thủy lực lít 58




máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6






máy xúc lật Komatsu WA200-6


High performance SAA4D107E-1 engine


Electronic heavy duty common rail fuel injection system provides optimum combustion of fuel. This system also provides fast throttle response to match the machine’s powerful tractive effort and fast hydraulic response. Net: 94 kW 126 HP


Low emission engine


This engine is U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage 3A emissions certified, without sacrificing power or machine productivity


Low fuel consumption


The high-torque engine and HST with maximum efficiency in the low-speed range provide low fuel consumption.


ECO indicator


The ECO indicator will inform the operator when the machine is maximizing fuel efficiency


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Electronically-controlled HST with Variable Shift Control System


Full auto-shifting


Full auto shifting eliminates any gear shifting and kick-down operation to allow the operator to concentrate on digging and loading


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA200-6


Self braking effect of the HST drive lines


The self braking effect of the HST drive line slows down the machine when the accelerator pedal is released. It can hold the loader in position on workable slopes, and it will be an advantage in stockpiling or ramp loading. Also it prevents uncontrolled rolling. Safety is greatly improved especially when working in confined spaces or inside industrial buildings. In addition, brake wear is practically eliminated.


Improved inching performance


Electronically controlled HST brake provides improved inching performance of the machine and demonstrates ideal braking control when the machine is travelling and working.


Accelerator pedal sensitive intelligent HST control


Finely-tuned HST control according to the accelerator pedal angle achieves variable clutch timing by machine speed and motor shift control in quick acceleration. It reduces shocks and allows smoother traveling and better energy-saving operation.


Overrun prevention system


Overrun prevention system will secure safety in downhill and protect the power train and brake components from overload. When the travel speed reaches 40 km/h, the caution lamp informs the operator to reduce the speed. When the machine descends a moderate slope (6 degrees or less), maximum travel speed is automatically limited to 40 km/h. Notes: When the machine descends a steep slope, it is necessary to use the service brake to reduce the speed for safety.


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Variable shift control system


The variable shift control system allows setting the top speed for increased safety and precision. The operator can choose between first, second, third or fourth maximum speeds by dialing the speed range selector switch. For v-cycles, the operator can set the speed control switch to 1 or 2, which provides aggressive digging, quick response and fast hydraulics. For load and carry, select 3 or 4 which still provides aggressive digging but with much faster travel speed.


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA200-6


The variable traction control system optimizes the digging traction automatically depending on working condition by controlling HST pump, motor and engine. Combined with the function of torque proportioning differentials, or optional limited slip differential this system exerts the following effects.


- Facilitates operation on soft ground where the tires of the machine are apt to slip.


- Eliminates excessive bucket penetration and reduces tire slippage during stockpile loading to improve the work efficiency.


- Reduces tire slippage to extend the life of tires. Furthermore, the maximum tractive effort can be adjusted in five stages while the traction control switch is ON. This allows the operator to select the optimum tractive effort for diversified road conditions.




Setting the switch to S-mode allows the machine to get the optimum driving force for operations on slippery road surfaces, like snow-removal on snow surface, resulting in reduced tire slippage and facilitation of the operation. Unexpected tire slippage on slippery road surface is suppressed by controlling the engine speed and HST motor when traveling at a low speed. (S-mode is effective only in forward traveling.)


Max. traction switch


Max. traction switch is located on the work equipment control lever. When traction control switch is at ON position or S-mode is selected, pushing this switch cancels the setting of the traction control temporarily and increases the tractive effort to its 100% value. Then pushing the max. traction switch again or operating the F/R lever returns the tractive effort to the set value automatically. This switch is useful for operations such as piling up work where large tractive effort is required temporarily


Maximum Dumping Clearance and Reach


The long lift arms provide high dumping clearances and maximum dumping reach. The operator can even level loads on the body of a dump truck easily and efficiently




máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Komatsu Components


Komatsu manufactures the engine, transfer case and hydraulic components on this wheel loader. Komatsu loaders are manufactured with an integrated production system under a strict quality control system


High-rigidity Frames and Loader Linkage


The front and rear frames and the loader linkage have got more torsional rigidity to provide resistance increased to stresses. Frame and loader linkage are designed to accommodate actual working loads, and simulated computer testing proves its strength.


Wet Multiple-disc Brakes and Fully Hydraulic Braking System


This system result in lower maintenance costs and higher reliability. Wet multiple-disc brakes are fully sealed. Contaminantsare kept out, reducing wear and resulting maintenance. Brakes require no adjustments for wear, meaning even lower maintenance. The parking brake is also an adjustment-free, wet multiple-disc for high reliability and long life. Added reliability is designed into the braking system by the use of two independent hydraulic circuits. Provides hydraulic backup should one of the circuits fail. Fully hydraulic brakes mean no air system to bleed, or the condensation of water in the system that can lead to contamination, corrosion, and freezing.


Sealed Connectors


Main harnesses and controller connectors are equipped with sealed connectors providing high reliability, water resistance and dust resistance.


Reliable Hydraulic Line


Flat face-to-face O-ring seals are used to securely seal hydraulic hose connections and to prevent oil leakage.




The large space cab offers exceptional driver’s comfort - comparable to a passenger car. The large, frameless window gives an unobstructed view of the bucket and tires while the slanted rear end ensures a clear view to the rear. The low-noise designed cab with the air-cushioned seat and the fully adjustable console inside allow the operator to work comfortably and productively over long period.


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Pillar-less Large Cab


A wide pillar-less flat glass provides excellent front visibility. The wiper arm covers a large area to provide great visibility even on rainy days. The large cab area providing maximum space for the operator. The front mounted air conditioner (A/C) was introduced to increase seat reclining and backward slide adjustment.


Great Rear Visibility


Center lined muffler and air intake piping provides great rear right and left hand side visibility.


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Tiltable steering column


The operator can tilt the steering column to provide a comfortable working position


Adjustable wrist rest


The height of wrist rest is adjustable. It allows operators to adjust the controls to a comfortable position


Easy-to-operate Loader Control Mono-lever


The new mono-lever using Proportional Pressure Control (PPC) allows the operator to easily operate the work equipment, to reduce operator fatigue and to increase controllability. The adjustable wrist rest provides the operator with a variety of comfortable operating positions.


Right-side Control Panel


he operator can easily select the speed range, maximum travel speed in 1st, tractive effort


Low-noise Design


he large cab is mounted with Komatsu’s unique ROPS/FOPS (ISO 3471/ISO 3449) viscous mounts. The low-noise engine, hydraulically driven fan, and hydraulic pumps are mounted with rubber cushions, and the cab sealing is improved to provide a quiet, low-vibration, dustproof with pressurizing, and comfortable operating environment.


Operator’s ear noise level: 72 dB(A)


Dynamic noise level (Outside): 104 dB(A)


Electronically Controlled Directional Lever


The operator can change direction with a touch of his fingers without removing his hand from the steering wheel. Solid state electronics makes this possible.




12 V outlet


In addition to 24 V cigarette lighter, 12 V outlet is provided in the cab


Electronically Controlled Suspension System


Electronically Controlled Suspension System uses an accumulator which absorbs some of the shock in the boom arm, giving the operator a much smoother ride. This reduces operator fatigue and reduces material spillage during load and carry operations. Electronically Controlled Suspension System operation is speed sensitive and turned off automatically below 5 km/h speed, meaning that the boom won’t move during stationary digging.




máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Designed to save time


With long service intervals and best-in-class accessibility, the WA150-6 reduces the time and money you need to suspend on maintenance. A gas spring helps the operator open and close each gull-wing side door for easy daily servicing


Simple and convenient access to service


The service doors are designed as gull-wing doors. They allow you convenient and safe access to the daily service points from the ground


Thermal safety guards


Thermal guards for high temperature exhaust manifold are installed


Rotating safety guards


Protective guards for rotating parts of the alternator and the air conditioner compressor are installed.


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Komatsu’s new main monitor keeps the operator informed of all machine functions at a glance. The monitor is located behind the steering wheel and displays different machine functions including fluid/filter change intervals and troubleshooting memory display functions. The main gauges are analog type for easy viewing and other functions utilize lighted symbols or Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) readouts


Maintenance control and troubleshooting functions


- Action code display function: If an abnormality occurs, the monitor displays action details on the character display at the bottom center of the monitor.


- Monitor function: Controller monitors engine oil level, pressure, coolant temperature, air cleaner clogging, etc. If controller finds abnormalities, the error is displayed on LCD.


- Replacement time notice function: Monitor informs replacement time of oil and filters on LCD when replacement intervals are reached.


- Trouble data memory function: Monitor stores abnormalities for effective troubleshooting.


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Hydraulic driven fan with reverse rotation


If the machine is operating in adverse conditions, the operator can reverse the hydraulic cooling fan from inside the cab by pressing a switch on the control panel.


Automatic reversible fan (Optional)


The engine fan is driven hydraulically and can be operated in reverse automatically. When the switch is in the automatic position, the fan revolves in reverse for 2 minutes every 2 hours intermittently (Default setting).


Side-by-side cooling unit


The cooling system is isolated from the engine by a bulkhead to provide more efficient cooling and low noise. The radiator, air-to-air cooler and oil cooler are mounted side-by-side for more efficient cooling and easy cleaning. A fully-opening, gas spring assisted rear grille gives the operator excellent access to the swing-out fan and coolers.




máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6




The ROPS/FOPS cab is standard for operator’s safety. A wide pillar-less flat glass provides excellent front visibility, and a heated rear window provides excellent rear visibility in cold and freezing weather conditions.


ROPS (ISO 3471) : Roll-over Protective Structure


FOPS (ISO 3449) : Falling Objects Protective Structure


Rear-hinged Full Open Cab Door


The cab door hinges are installed to the rear side of the cab providing a large opening angle for the operator to enter and exit. The steps are designed like a staircase, so that the operator can get on and off the cab easily.


Alternate Exit of Cab


The door on the right side of the cab is provided as an alternate exit for use when the operator cannot get out through the door on the left side.


Two independent lines brake system


Added reliability is designed into the braking system by the use of two independent hydraulic circuits, providing hydraulic backup should one of the circuits fail.


Secondary steering (Optional)


If the steering pump is disabled, a secondary steering pump provides hydraulic flow.


Battery disconnect switch (Optional)


The battery disconnect switch is located in the right side battery box. This can be used to disconnect power when performing service work on the machine.




máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Komatsu Total Support


To keep your machine available and minimize operation cost when you need it, Komatsu Distributor is ready to provide a variety of supports before and after procuring the machine.


Fleet recommendation


Komatsu Distributor can study the customer’s job site and provide the most optimum fleet recommendation with detailed information to meet all of your application needs when you are considering to buy new machines or replace the existing ones from Komatsu


Product support


Komatsu Distributor gives the proactive support and secures the quality of the machinery that will be delivered.


Parts availability


Komatsu Distributor is available for emergency inquiry by the customers for genuine, quality guaranteed Komatsu parts.


Technical support


Komatsu product support service (Technical support) is designed to help customer. Komatsu Distributor offers a variety of effective services to show how much Komatsu is dedicated to the maintenance and support of Komatsu machine.


- Preventive Maintenance (PM) clinic


- Oil & Wear analysis program


Repair & maintenance service


Komatsu Distributor offers quality repair and maintenance service to the customer, utilizing and promoting Komatsu developed programs.


Komatsu Reman (Remanufactured) components


Komatsu Reman products are the result of the implementation of the Komatsu global policy which establishes and agrees to reduce the owning, operating and total Life Cycle Costs (LCC) to Komatsu’s customer through high quality, prompt delivery and competitively priced in own remanufactured products (QDC)




The Komatsu remote monitoring and management technology provides insightful data about your equipment and fleet in user-friendly format.


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Energy Saving Operation Report


KOMTRAX delivers the energy-saving operation report based on the operating information such as fuel consumption, load summary and idling time, which helps you efficiently run a business.


Equipment Management Support


Through the web application, a variety of search parameters are available to quickly find information about specific machines based on key factors. Moreover, KOMTRAX finds out machines with problems from your fleet and shows you through an optimal interface


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Optimal Strategy for Efficient Work


The detailed information that KOMTRAX puts at your fingertips helps you manage your fleet conveniently on the web anytime, anywhere. It gives you the power to make better daily and long-term strategic decisions.




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