Model ZW100-G
Type Wheel Loader
Operating Weight 6 530 - 7 100 kg
Bucket Capacity: ISO Heaped 1.1 - 1.6 m3
Max. Engine Output 62 kW (83 HP)
Brand Hitachi
Country of Manufacture Japan
Location  Viet Nam
Contact 0906 702 060 (Mr Tuyen)




xe xúc lật hitachi zw100-g


When you sit inside the cab of a ZW wheel loader, you’ll see that it offers exceptional all-round visibility. Switch on the engine and you’ll hear that it’s the quietest machine on the market. When you start work, you’ll feel the benefit of the comfortable seat, easy-to-use controls and smooth operation.


We know our compact, medium and large wheel loaders not only appeal to your senses, but also make sense for your business. With substantial loading capacity, powerful digging force and impressive travel speeds, they’re extremely productive. Fuel-efficient and easy to maintain, they offer reduced running costs. Used with a variety of attachments, they are easily adaptable for different tasks.


We understands very well the types of construction machinery and equipment suitable to the construction, financial and operational conditions of Vietnamese contractors. We currently supply all kinds of HITACHI equipment such as Mini excavators (with a working load of 800kg) to large mines (up to 533 tons largest), wheel loaders, Ben runs in the mine with a load of 180t or more.




máy xúc lật Hitachi ZW100
Bucket type   ZW100-G
  Standard Lift Arm High Lift Arm
  General purpose with bolt-on cutting edges
Bucket capacity          
ISO heaped m3 1.3 1.6 1.1 1.3
ISO struck m3 1.1 1.3 0.9 1.1
A Overall length mm 6 235 6 365 6 650 6 720
B Overall height, bucket on ground (with canopy) mm 3 090
B Overall height, bucket on ground (with ROPS/FOPS cab) mm 3 130
C Width over tires mm 2 180
D Wheel base mm 2 600
E Ground clearance mm 365
F Tread mm 1 725
G Bucket width mm 2 340
H Turning radius (centerline of outside tire) mm 4 440
H' Loader clearance circle, bucket in carry position mm 5 220 5 250 5 390 5 410
I Overall operating height mm 4 530 4 605 4 600 4 745
J Height to hinge pin, fully raised mm 3 515 3 725
K Dump clearance 45 degree, full height mm 2 710 2 620 2 965 2 915
L Reach, 45 degree dump, full height mm 1 000 1 085 1 260 1 310
M Digging depth (horizontal digging angle) mm 80 290
N Max. roll back at carry position deg 50
Static tipping load*          
straight kgf 4 800 4 720 3 810 3 780
Full 40 degree turn kgf 4 140 4 050 3 260 3 230
Breakout force kN(kgf) 61 (6 222) 53 (5 406 63 (6 426) 58 (5 916)
Operating weight (with canopy)* kg 6 530 6 570 6 650 6 690
Operating weight (with ROPS/FOPS cab)* kg 6 950 6 990 7 070 7 100




1. All dimensions, weight and performance data based on ISO 6746-1:1987, ISO 7131:1997 and ISO 7546:1983


2. Static tipping load and operating weight marked with * include 16.9-24-10PR(L2): ZW100, 18.4-24-10PR(L2): ZW120 tires (no ballast) with lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank and operator. Machine stability and operating weight depend on counterweight, tire size and other attachments.


Model KUBOTA V3800-DI-T
Type 4-cycle water-cooled,direct injection
Aspiration Turbo charger
No. of cylinders 4
Maximum power  
SAE J1349, with Fan net 62 kW (83 HP) at 2 100 min-1(2 100 rpm)
ISO 9249, with Fan net 62 kW (83 HP) at 2 100 min-1(2 100 rpm)
Bore and stroke mm 100 x 120 
Piston displacement L 3.769
Batteries 12 V× 662 CCA
Air cleaner Double stage dry type
Transmission controls Hydrostatic (HST) transmission automatically controls power and 2-speed
Travel speed : Forward & Reverse 34.5 km/h with  16.9-24-10PR tires
Drive system Four-wheel drive system
Front & rear axle Semi-floating
Front Fixed to the front frame
Rear Center pivot
Oscillation angle total 24° (±12°)
Final drives Heavy-duty, planetary final drive
Standard 16.9-24-10PR (L2)
Optional 15.5-25-8PR (L2)*
Service brakes Inboard mounted fully hydraulic wet disk
Parking brake Spring applied hydraulic released wet disk
Type Articulated frame steering
Steering mechanism Full hydraulic power steering with orbitrol®
Steering angle Each direction 40°; total 80°
Cylinders Double-acting piston type
No. x Bore x Stroke 2 × 60 mm × 395 mm
Minimum turning radius at the centerline of outside tire 4 440 mm
Arm and bucket are controlled by mechanical single control lever
Arm controls Four position valve; Raise, hold, lower, float
Bucket controls Two position valve; Roll back, dump
Main pump (Load & steer) Gear type 108 L/min, 2 100 min-1(rpm) at 20.6 MPa (210 kgf/cm2)
Relief pressure setting 20.6 MPa (210 kgf/cm2)
Hydraulic cylinders Type Two arm and one bucket, double acting type
No. x Bore x Stroke

Arm: 2 × 90 mm × 760 mm

Bucket : 1 × 110 mm × 421 mm

Filters Full-flow 10 micron return filter before reservoir
Hydraulic cycle times     
Arm raise s 5.0 
Arm lower s 3.0 
Bucket dump s 1.0 
Fuel tank L 130 
Engine coolant L 14 
Engine oil L 18
Front axle differential & wheel hubs L 10
Rear axle differential & wheel hubs L 10
Hydraulic reservoir tank  L 75


Orbitrol® is a registered trademark of Char-Lynn.


*When the optional tires are selected, the weights and the heights are changed as follows:


15.5-25-8PR (L2) Operational weight: -60 kg, Height:-5 mm


18.4-24-10PR (L2) Operational weight: -10 kg, Height:-5 mm




Note: standard or optional equipment depends on the standard of each country. Please contact us for the answer.


máy xúc lật hitachi zw100




Enhanced Durability and Reliability


Durability and Reliability are enhanced with a number of advanced mechanism for long, continuous  operation.


xe xúc lật hitachi zw100-g


Improved Drive System for Higher Reliability and Maintainability


Tough and Reliable Engine


Kubota V3800 DI-T/TI engine, already mounted on numerous equipment, has proved ruggedness and reliability in tough operations.


Robust Frame


The box-section frame is thickened and strengthened to resist torsion and increase durability. Center pins are widely spaced for higher resistance to torsion.


Flat Arrangement of Propeller Shaft


Flat arrangement of the propeller shaft is achieved to reduce resistance at the joint and to increase durability


xe xúc lật hitachi zw100-g


LED Indicators and Instruments


On the indicators, monitors and alarms,  many LEDs are utilized for longer service  life resulting in less failure, enhancing the reliability.


HN Bushings


The HN bushing containing lubricant is provided at each joint to reduce grease consumption, extend lubrication intervals (100 to 500 hours), and increase durability


O-Ring Seal (ORS) Joints and Waterproof Electric Connectors


Numerous elaborate components are utilized for higher durability and reliability. The proven ORS joints and high-pressure hydraulic lines are utilized in the hydraulic system, and waterproof connectors in the electrical system. 


Capacious Hydraulic Oil Cooler


The ample cooling capacity of the hydraulic oil cooler helps reduce oil temperature fluctuation, and extend service life of components.


Notes :


- The photos used in this brochure include optional equipment.


- Some of the pictures in this brochure show an unmanned machine with attachments in an operating position. These were taken for demonstration purposes only and the actions shown are not recommended under normal operating conditions.


Keeping the Machine in Good Conditions for Higher Safety


Plenty of maintenance expertise always keeps the machine in good conditions for enhanced safety  and higher job efficiency.


xe xúc lật hitachi zw100-g


Easy-to-Read Monitor


With the easy-to-read monitor, the operator can see instructions for scheduled servicing and maintenance.


Monitor Indication Items: Service intervals, travel speed, mileage, hour meter


Replacement Alerting: The indicators alert the operator for scheduled replacement intervals to ensure proper maintenance.


Engine oil / filter, fuel filter, hydraulic oil / filter, transmission oil / filter, Axle oil.


Protected Fuel Tank


The large counterweight is arranged to protect the fuel tank from collisions with obstacles during operation.


Easy-to-Replace Air Conditioning Filters*


The fresh air filter can easily be replaced from the cab, and circulation air filter also replaced by detaching the drink holder.


*Cab model only


Extended Filter Replacement Intervals (Up from 250 to 500 Hours)


Engine oil capacity and filter capacity are increased for longer filter replacement intervals, reducing maintenance time and downtime.


Emergency Steering System


The emergency electric pump delivers the necessary oil pressure for power steering even in the case of an emergency. This allows normal steering at all times even if the engine fails.


Highly Reliable Dual-Line Brake System


The dual-line hydraulic brake system is utilized: even if one line fails, the other can work for braking. The brake is an enclosed wet single-plate type for reliable braking.


Aluminum Radiator and Oil Cooler


The radiator and oil cooler are made of aluminum instead of conventional steel or copper for corrosion prevention.Furthermore, the pararell arrangement of the radiator and oil cooler improves cooling capability and accessibility for maintenance.


xe xúc lật hitachi zw100-g


Other Safety Features


- Inclined Ladder


- Retractable Seat Belt (Optional)


Enhanced Operator Comfort with Luxury Designs (Cab Model)


Focusing on top-class operator comfort... riding comfort with less vibration and sound, and plenty of operator space... like large-sized models.


xe xúc lật hitachi zw100-g


xe xúc lật hitachi zw100-g


Mechanical Suspension Seat (Standard for Cab Model)


The mechanical suspension seat is provided standard to suppress vibration from the machine body for comfortable operation over long hours for ROPS/FOPS cab. The seat can be reclined, and adjusted horizontally to suit operator build for the optimum position. Seat cushion is also adjustable. An air suspension seat, associated with a headrest, lumbar support, seat height adjustment and seat heater, is optionally available for finer adjustments. 


Functionally Grouped Controls


A cluster of controls are functionally grouped for ease of operation. The controls, used for prestart setting, are located on the right console to the seat, and those, handled during and after operation are on the front console.


Adjustable Steering Column


The steering wheel is tiltable and to suit operator of all builds for comfortable operation.


Fingertip Control with Pilot-Controlled Lever (Optional) 


The pilot-controlled lever is optionally available for pleasant fingertip control.


Ergonomic Pedals 


The brake pedal and accelerator pedal are ergonomically positioned for ease of control.


xe xúc lật hitachi zw100-g


Panoramic Cab


The panoramic cab gives almost allround visibility with the widened front glass window and pillar less cab rear corners. Front wheels are always in the operator's vision, enhancing safety and increasing loading efficiency.


Enhanced Upward Visibility


The front curved glass window gives good upward visibility, so the operator can directly see the movement of the bucket for safer loading.


Front / Rear Defrosters


With the front and rear defrosters, airflow comes out from three front air outlets and two rear outlets to protect respective windows from fogging, keeping clear vision even in rain and cold weather.


xe xúc lật hitachi zw100-g


Bi-Level Auto Air Conditioner and Pressurized Cab


The bi-level air conditioner allows air conditioning at foot space and overhead simultaneously. Airflow direction can be freely adjusted with airflow volume automatically adjusting according to temperature setting. The pressurized cab shuts out dust and debris even in dusty environment.


Shock-Dampened Cab


The cab rests on fluid-filled elastic mounts to absorb shocks and vibration, and reduce resonance.


Low Noise Design


The cab is well sealed, and the new lownoise engine is utilized to reduce sound, along with the various noise reduction measures.


xe xúc lật hitachi zw100-g


ROPS / FOPS Cab (Optional)


The ROPS / FOPS cab is provided to protect the operator from injury in an accident.


ROPS: Roll-Over Protective Structure: ISO3471


FOPS: Falling Object Protective Structure: ISO3449


An Array of Standard Accessories


xe xúc lật hitachi zw100-g


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