Model ECP48CX-5
Truck Hyundai HD310
Weight Operation 36 000 kg
Control system Closed Free Flow Hydraulic
Concrete output 160 m3/h
Concrete pressure 85 bar
Brand Everdigm
Country Of Manufacture Korea
Location Viet Nam




EVERDIGM is large sized company with $250M turnover providing customers across the world with its quailty products. EVERDIGM has been working and growing based on the platform of advanced quality, professionalism and real satisfaction. Standing behind the customers taking responsibility at all stage its product life cycle is EVERDIGM’s commitment


xe bơm bê tông Hyundai Everdigm ECP38CX-5


The spirit, “build the future”, enables EVERDIGM to make a remarkable growth over 80 countries now. EVERDIGM offers the best value concrete pump which is key to build the brighter future for dealers and customers


xe bơm bê tông Hyundai Everdigm ECP38CX-5


Everdigm Boom pumps are based on FFH oil pressure system, and its superior performance is approved in international market. Everdigm offers new paradigm in Boom pumps industry with highly engineered products, where durability and productivity is guaranteed. Everdigm concrete boom pumps are great business partner for success.


- Boom Pump Ranging from 21M to 63M


- Maximize working efficiency with FFH System application.


- Easy to control the boom speed by proportional system.


- Manganic chrome of reducing pipe, Wear-resistant material of delivery pipe.


- Auto-lubricating device minimizing parts abrasion of repetitive working part.


- Stable and safe working by monitoring the boom movement.


- Adjusting concrete pressure and delivery volume by each different pump cell option.






xe bơm bê tông Hyundai Everdigm ECP48CX-5
Folding type 5-section ZR-folding
xe bơm bê tông Hyundai Everdigm ECP48CX-5
Max. vertical reach 47.1 m
Max. horizontal reach 42.1 m
Max. depth reach 33.1 m
Unfolding height 12 m
Slewing angle 360 deg.
End hose length 3 m
Delivery pipe dia. 125 mm
Pump cell 2116
Control system Closed Free Flow Hydraulic
xe bơm bê tông Hyundai Everdigm ECP38CX-5
Main pump A4VG180HD x 2
Concrete cylinder (mm) 230 x 2 100 mm
Strokes No.(per min.) 30
Concrete output(m3/h)* 160 m³ / h
Concrete pressure(bar)* 85 bar
Transfer tube type S-Tube, S2018(S2318)
 Volume of hopper (liter) 600
* Technical armendments are reserved. The specifcations are subject to change with or without prior notice.




xe bơm bê tông Hyundai Everdigm ECP38CX-5
Overhang (Chassis Cab) (Front / Rear (Frame)) 1 925 / 2 375
D x R x C (mm) 11 395 x 2 495 x 3 140
Wheel Tread (Front / Rear) 2 040 / 1 850
Wheel Base (mm) 7 040 (1 700 + 4 040 + 1 300)
Min. Ground Clearance (mm) 275
Chassis Cab Weight (kg) 10 020
Max Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 38 200
Model D6CC3H
Engine Turbo Charger Intercooler, 4 stroke-cycle, water-cooled, direct-injection diesel engine
Piston Displacement  (cc) 11,149
Max. Power (Ps) 340 / 2 000
Max. Torque  (Kgm) 137 / 1 400
Capacity of Fuel tank (L) 380
Transmission 10 forward and 2 reverse speed
Climbing ability (tanθ) 35.3
Max speed (km/h) 120
Suspension, Front Semi-elliptic, laminated leaf springs with shackle link (Multi leaf spring)
Suspension, Rear Semi-elliptic, laminated leaf springs with shackle link (Multi leaf spring)
Tire & Wheel Single Front, Dual Rear
Tire Front / Rear 12R 22.5 - 16PR
Parking Brake Spring loaded type chamber on the front wheel and the 1st rear wheel
Service Brake Full Air, Dual circuit fixed S cam with spring loaded chambers






hệ thống thuỷ lực mạch kín FFH - Đức Hộp số bơm STIEBEL - Đức Khối van điều khiển cần bơm HAWE - Đức
bơm thuỷ lực thương hiệu REXROTH - Đức Bơm lắc thuỷ lực thương hiệu REXROTH - Đức 2 bơm đồng trục thương hiệu BOSCH REXROTH - Đức
Hộp điện điều khiển dạng Module Bộ giảm tốc và mô tơ quay toa REXROTH - Đức Xy lanh tay lắc áp lực cao kiểu mới

FFH SYSTEM (Free Flow Hydraulic)


This type of FFH Hydraulic Pressurized Systems combined with Rexroth pumps and Hawe boom control block is widely recognized to all over the world due to effciency and stability. Currently Everdigm Pumps are applying these systems for longtime and widely known and also proven the products to everyone. Based on these facts FFH systems are used all over the world and mostly welcomed. Effcient pumps, less boom bouncing and less noise for while it operates. As above all, these reasons they are providing comfortable working area


- Direct connecting main pump and hydraulic cylinders improve pumping effciency


- Less peak pressure & less boom bouncing by peak pressure control


- No need of big oil tank


- Cut down maintenance cost


- Applying suction flter


- Prevent contamination in main pump


- Centralized pumping controller Easy access and maintenance




- Closed-loop Free Flow Hydraulic System


- Inductive Proximity Switch and Indicator


- Single Lip Concrete Piston


- Hard-Chromed Concrete Cylinder

Hệ thống bơm nước vệ sinh xe Trụ quay cần của xe bơm bê tông cần Đèn làm việc
Ống 2 lớp chất lượng cao Hệ thống bơm mỡ tự động hiệu LINCOLN - Đức Hệ thống bơm mỡ tự động hiệu LINCOLN - Đức
Giá để ống bơm bê tông  Thành chắn hông xe Bộ Remote điều khiển không dây thế hệ mới HBC - Đức
Sàn hợp kim nhôm Thước bọt nước Phễu tiếp liệu
Co đuôi số 1 tuổi thọ cao hệ thống thép Nắp đậy phễu Composite



- 4 Stage R-Folding Boom


- Diagonal Extension Front Outrigger (One Stage)


- Swing Rear Outrigger (One Stage)


- Outrigger Pilot Check Valves


- Hyd. Motor and Gear Type Boom Slewing


- High Pressure End Hose (3m)


- Boom & Deck Pipe Diameter 125mm


- Greasing Port on Boom Link and Pedestal


- Bubble Gauge on Both Side


- Water Pump, Water Tank, Cleaning Hose and Spray Nozzle


- Working Light on Pedestal and Platform




- Wire Remote Control (40m Cord)


- Wireless Remote Control (Proportional)


- Remote ON/OFF Pumping


- Remote ON/FF Engine


- Infnite Variable RPM Control


- Boom Control Block


- Outrigger Control Block on Both Side


- Emergency Stop Switch


- Electric Main Control Panel and Local Controller


- Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Type PTO Control


- Stroke Changeover Switch

Da bơm liền 1 môi Van lắc S2318 Vòng chà - mặt chà Tungten Carbide
Xy lanh bơm bê tông mạ Chrome Ống chuyển đổi 2 lớp  Van chống tụt



- Easy Clean Type Hopper


- Hi-Manganese Agitating Paddle


- 600 Liter Volume Hopper


- Hopper Outlet Diameter 180mm


- S2018 Type S-tube (Dia.200-180mm)


- Flap Elbow (Dia.180-150mm) with Cleaning Port


- Reducing Pipe (150-125mm)


- Tungsten Carbide Wear Ring and Plate


- Hydraulic Agitator Motors on Both Side Hopper


- Auto Lubrication


- Working Light on Hopper




Boom: Twin Wall Pipe, Auto Lubrication, Working Light, One Side Support (OSS) System


Outrigger: Rear Outrigger Auxiliary Fuel Tank, Pipe Storage Bracket on One Side Rear Outrigger


Hopper: Cover, Safety Device, Central Manual Lubrication, Vibrator


Platform: Aluminum Platform, Handrail on Rear Step, Spare Tire Storage Bracket


Paint: Customized Color


*Note: For more optional item not mentioned above please consult the manufacture.




Động cơ D6CC cabin Hệ thống treo cabin
Engine D6CC, Euro IV, 380 / 1 900 Ps 50-Degree Tilting Cab - Service personnel will appreciate the extra-wide cab tilting angle - which makes it easy to access the engine to perform maintenance and repair work Coil Type Full Floating Cab Suspension - The cab rides on four coil spring mounts to free the driver from fatigue road shocks and vibration. An air suspension provides an option.
cụm đèn pha mới Tay nắm phía trước kính chắn gió XE NỀN HYUNDAI
MFR Type Headlamps - The new headlamps on the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck provide impeccable visibility in the dark. The new and effective clear-glass headlamps containing complex surface reflectors which further extend the range of the road illumination allow the light to be emitted to the best possible effect Front Grab Handles and Window Washer Nozzle - Front grab handles offer a secure grip for cleaning and maintenance operations. Window washer nozzles deliver all round visibility in any weather Corner Vanes - Cab aerodynamics is advanced by the addition of corner vanes which assist reducing wind noise inside the cabin
Cản trước Gương chiếu hậu Ông dẫn khí nạp
Wide Bumper and Fog Lamps Large wraparound bumper offers 2-stage protection for excellent safety. Built-in foot steps clear angulated front fog lamps further enhance visibility. Large Outside Mirror - Large outside mirror provides a perfect side view, while their housings are rounded for reduced wind noise. Heating function is available as an option Air Intake Duct - Both the high mounted and low mounted air intake ducts on the cab had been designed to maximize
the intake efficiency with large capacity, while the aerodynamic design reduces air resistance.
Lốp Radial    
Radial Tires and Alloy Wheels - Radial tires offer longer service life, lower rolling resistance for better fuel economy, quieter performance and greater safety. What’s more the alloy wheels are more efficient for long range trips as they increase the cooling capacity of tires and brake parts for enhanced braking power.  
xe bơm bê tông Hyundai Everdigm ECP38CX-5
The ideal work place: The cabin gives an impression of comfort, convenience and pre eminence, moreover it has a quality interior to match. There is a generous amount of room to move around, ensuring a spacious environment for both working and relaxing. From the ergonomically designed cockpit to various compart-ments, this cab has virtually everything that satisfies the driving experience. The high comfort multi functional seat, wide and long bed and excellent air conditioning system ensure that the driver is well rested and motivated. Various and versatile stowage compartments located on the center console and above the windscreen, plus door side pockets come in useful for long journeys.
ghế ngồi Đồng hồ táp lô giường ngủ
Multi-function Seat - This fully adjustable seat is particularly designed for a long trip, offering a special degree of comfort for the driver. The air suspension seat offers an ideal driving position from pneumatic lumbar support and side contour adjustment for fatigue free driving. (Optional on all models) Gauge Cluster - The instrument cluster in the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck stands out with its clear layout and high readability thanks to LED illumination Wide and Long Sleeping Bed - The generously sized bed, clearly separated from driving space, offers cozy relaxation to the fatigued driver. A heating pad is provided for the driver’s convenience
Vỏ hộp số Dymos Thanh ổn định phía trước Giảm chấn thủy lực kiểu mới
ZF 16-Speed Transmission - ZF transmission applied aluminum alloyed case for ultra light weight ensures good fuel economy and has superb durability and convenience for hard work Crossmember Reinforcement - To achieve the highest possible rigidity and strength of frame for distributing payload, heavy duty crossmembers are added using all bolted construction technique. Shock Absorber -  New hydraulic dampers improve steering and handling qualities for a more precise and comfortable driving.
Bình khí bằng hợp kim nhôm dung tích lớn Tự động điều chỉnh khe hở má phanh Khung cửa an toàn
Aluminum Alloyed Large Capacity Air Tanks Auto Lining Adjuster Door Safety Beam
Phanh dừng    
Gradual Parking Brake (As standard excluding to optional trailer brake)    

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