Model ETP1015
Main pump type Rexroth A4VG180
Main pump capacity 2 x 180 cc / rev
Concrete Pressure 350 kg / cm2
Emission standard Tier-1
Brand Everdigm
Country Of Manufacture Korea
Location Viet Nam




EVERDIGM is large sized company with $250M turnover providing customers across the world with its quailty products. EVERDIGM has been working and growing based on the platform of advanced quality, professionalism and real satisfaction. Standing behind the customers taking responsibility at all stage its product life cycle is EVERDIGM’s commitment


xe bơm bê tông Hyundai Everdigm ECP38CX-5


The spirit, “build the future”, enables EVERDIGM to make a remarkable growth over 80 countries now. EVERDIGM offers the best value concrete pump which is key to build the brighter future for dealers and customers


xe bơm bê tông Hyundai Everdigm ECP38CX-5


Trailer pump Everdigm are based on FFH oil pressure system, and its superior performance is approved in international market. Everdigm offers new paradigm in Boom pumps industry with highly engineered products, where durability and productivity is guaranteed. Everdigm concrete boom pumps are great business partner for success.


- Boom Pump Ranging from 21M to 63M


- Maximize working efficiency with FFH System application.


- Easy to control the boom speed by proportional system.


- Manganic chrome of reducing pipe, Wear-resistant material of delivery pipe.


- Auto-lubricating device minimizing parts abrasion of repetitive working part.


- Stable and safe working by monitoring the boom movement.


- Adjusting concrete pressure and delivery volume by each different pump cell option.




máy bơm bê tông tĩnh Everdigm ETP1015
Overall length 7 550 mm
Overall width 2 660 mm
Overall height 2 760 mm
Total weight 9 500 kg


Model PU0126TI, 6 cyl. in line
Power output 294 kW at 2 100 rpm
Torque 1 521 Nm at 1 400 rpm
Displacement 11.051 l
Bore x Stroke 123 x 155 mm
Emission standard TIER-1
Cooling system Water cooled
Battery 24V


Công suất bơm bê tông lớn nhất  
Rod side 100 m³ / h at 150 bar
Piston side 70 m³ / h a 2t20 bar
Drive cylinder D. 160 / 90 x L2 100 mm
Concrete cylinder D. 200 x L2 100 mm
Transfer Van S, S2015 (D. 200 mm - 150 mm)


Theoretical Vertical Reach  
Rod side 217 m
Piston side 317 m
Theoretical Horizontal Reach  
Rod side 360 m
Piston side 527 m


Main pump type Rexroth A4VG180 x 2
Main pump capacity 2 x 180 cc / rev
Main pump pressure 350 kg / cm²
Accumulator pump Rexroth A10V28


Outrigger 4 Hydraulic Outrigger
Aux support height adjustable
Axle 1 axle và 4 single tires
Water pump 6 m³ / h, at 30 bar
Water tank 200 L
Hopper EZ Clean Type, 600L
Grease Pump Auto
Agitator motor 2 motor
Remote control Optional, wire or wireless


Fuel Tank 350 L
Hydraulic Tank 450 L
Time to change Hydraulic 500 h
Fuel Consumption 220 g / kW.h at 2 100 rpm

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