Model WA900-3E0
Loại Bánh lốp
Trọng lượng vận hành với ROPS Cabin 107 200 kg
Dung tích gầu 13.0 m3
Công suất động cơ 638 kW
Thương hiệu Komatsu
Xuất xứ Nhật Bản
Địa điểm  Hà Nội, Đà Nẵng, Đồng Nai


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máy xúc lật Komatsu WA900-3E0
máy xúc lật Komatsu WA900-3E0
máy xúc lật Komatsu WA900-3E0


Model Komatsu SAA12V140E-3
Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle
Aspiration Turbocharged, aftercooled
Number of cylinders 12
Bore x stroke 140 mm x 165 mm
SAE J1995, gross kW (HP) 672 (900) at 2 050 rpm
SAE J1349/ISO 9249, net kW (HP) 638 (856) at 2 050 rpm
Governor All-speed, electronic
Fan drive method for radiator cooling Hydraulic
Lubrication system:    
Method Gear pump, force-lubrication
Filter Full-flow type
Piston displacement L 30.48
Air cleaner  Dry type with double elements and dust evacuator, plus dust indicator
Drive system Four-wheel drive
Front Fixed, semi-floating
Rear Center-pin-support, fullfloating 22° total oscillation
Reduction gear Spiral bevel gear
Differential gear Straight bevel gear
Final reduction gear Planetary gear, single reduction, oil bath
Service brakes 4-wheel, systematic brake for front/rear wheel, hydraulically actuated, wet multiple-disc
Parking brake Dry-disc type, hydraulic released, spring applied on front drive shaft
Secondary brake Uses parking brake
Type Articulated type, full-hydraulic power steering
Steering angle 40˚ each direction
Minimum turning radius at the center of outside tire 9 200 mm
Control positions: Boom - Raise, hold, lower, and float
Control positions: Bucket - Tilt-back, hold, and dump
Hydraulic pump (Steering system) Gear type pump
Capacity L/min 315
Relief valve setting MPa 34.3
Hydraulic cylinders    
Type Double-acting, piston type
Bore x stroke 160 mm x 503 mm
Hydraulic pump (Loader control) Piston pump
Capacity L/min 415
Relief valve setting MPa 34.3
Hydraulic cylinders    
Type Double-acting, piston type
Number of cylinders-bore x stroke

Lift cylinder: 2 - 260 mm x 1 368 mm

Bucket cylinder: 1 - 300 mm x 906 mm

Control valve 2-spool type
Hydraulic cycle time (Rated load in bucket)    
Raise s 11.2
Dump s 2.0
Lower (Empty) s 4.8
Fuel tank L 1555
Cooling system L 337
Engine L 130
Torque converter and transmission L 140
Axle front L 360
Axle rear L 360
Hydraulic system L 725




máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Komatsu Total Support


To keep your machine available and minimize operation cost when you need it, Komatsu Distributor is ready to provide a variety of supports before and after procuring the machine.


Fleet recommendation


Komatsu Distributor can study the customer’s job site and provide the most optimum fleet recommendation with detailed information to meet all of your application needs when you are considering to buy new machines or replace the existing ones from Komatsu


Product support


Komatsu Distributor gives the proactive support and secures the quality of the machinery that will be delivered.


Parts availability


Komatsu Distributor is available for emergency inquiry by the customers for genuine, quality guaranteed Komatsu parts.


Technical support


Komatsu product support service (Technical support) is designed to help customer. Komatsu Distributor offers a variety of effective services to show how much Komatsu is dedicated to the maintenance and support of Komatsu machine.


- Preventive Maintenance (PM) clinic


- Oil & Wear analysis program


Repair & maintenance service


Komatsu Distributor offers quality repair and maintenance service to the customer, utilizing and promoting Komatsu developed programs.


Komatsu Reman (Remanufactured) components


Komatsu Reman products are the result of the implementation of the Komatsu global policy which establishes and agrees to reduce the owning, operating and total Life Cycle Costs (LCC) to Komatsu’s customer through high quality, prompt delivery and competitively priced in own remanufactured products (QDC)




The Komatsu remote monitoring and management technology provides insightful data about your equipment and fleet in user-friendly format.


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Energy Saving Operation Report


KOMTRAX delivers the energy-saving operation report based on the operating information such as fuel consumption, load summary and idling time, which helps you efficiently run a business.


Equipment Management Support


Through the web application, a variety of search parameters are available to quickly find information about specific machines based on key factors. Moreover, KOMTRAX finds out machines with problems from your fleet and shows you through an optimal interface


máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Optimal Strategy for Efficient Work


The detailed information that KOMTRAX puts at your fingertips helps you manage your fleet conveniently on the web anytime, anywhere. It gives you the power to make better daily and long-term strategic decisions.


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