Model ZW220-5A
Type Wheel Loader
Operating Weight 16 810 - 17 450 kg
Bucket Capacity: ISO Heaped 2.7 - 4.4 m³
Max. Engine Output 144 kW (193 HP)
Brand Hitachi
Country of Manufacture Japan
Location  Viet Nam
Contact 0906 702 060 (Mr Tuyen)




máy xúc lật bánh lốp Hitachi ZX220-5A


When you sit inside the cab of a ZW wheel loader, you’ll see that it offers exceptional all-round visibility. Switch on the engine and you’ll hear that it’s the quietest machine on the market. When you start work, you’ll feel the benefit of the comfortable seat, easy-to-use controls and smooth operation.


We know our compact, medium and large wheel loaders not only appeal to your senses, but also make sense for your business. With substantial loading capacity, powerful digging force and impressive travel speeds, they’re extremely productive. Fuel-efficient and easy to maintain, they offer reduced running costs. Used with a variety of attachments, they are easily adaptable for different tasks.


máy xúc lật bánh lốp Hitachi ZX220-5A


We understands very well the types of construction machinery and equipment suitable to the construction, financial and operational conditions of Vietnamese contractors. We currently supply all kinds of Hitachi equipment such as Mini excavators (with a working load of 800kg) to large mines (up to 533 tons largest), wheel loaders, Ben runs in the mine with a load of 180t or more.




máy xúc lật Hitachi ZW100
Bucket type   Standard Lift Arm
  General purpose Rock bucket Coal bucket
  Bolt-on cutting edge Bolt-on teeth Bolt-on teeth Bolt-on cutting edge
Bucket capacity                
ISO heaped m3 3.2 3.4 3.1 3.3 2.7 4.0 4.4
ISO struck m3 2.6  2.8 2.7 2.8 2.3 3.5 3.8
A Overall length mm 8 200 8 250 8 350 8 390 8 290 8 390 8 480
B Overall height mm 3 375
C Width over tires mm 2 785
D Wheel base mm 3 300
E Ground clearance mm 455
F Tread mm 2 160
G Bucket width mm 2 910
H Turning radius (Centerline of outside tire) mm 5 620
H' Loader clearance radius, bucket in carry position mm  6 590 6 600 6 630 6 650 6 620 6 640 6 670
 Overall operating height mm 5 480 5 530 5 480 5 530 5 480 5 660 5 750
J Height to bucket hinge pin, fully raised mm 4 090
K Dumping clearance 45 degree, full height mm  2 920 2 880 2 810 2 780 2 850 2 780 2 720
L Reach, 45 degree dump, full height mm 1 110 1 140 1 190 1 220 1 150 1 240 1 300
M Digging depth (Horizontal digging angle) mm 100  100 120 120 120 100 100
N Max. roll back at carry position deg 50
Static tipping load *                
Straight kg 13 650 13 600 13 880 13 820 13 220 13 430 14 100
Full 40 degree turn kg 11 800 11 750 12 010 11 950 11 370 11 580 12 160
Breakout force kgf 15 150 14 580 16 460 15 820 17 100 13 010 12 150
kN 149 143 161 155 168 128 119
Operating weight (with non ROPS / FOPS cab)* kg 16 890 16 930 16 810 16 850 17 380 17 040 17 450

Note: All dimensions, weight and performance data based on ISO 6746-1:1987,ISO 7131:2009 and ISO 7546:1983


*: Static tipping load and operating weight marked with* include 23.5-25-16PR (L3) tires (No ballast) with lubricants, full fuel tank and operator. Machine stability and operating weight depend on counterweight, tire size and other attachments. Data regarding 4.4 m³ coal bucket are with 2 270 kg counter weight.


Type 4-cycle water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharger and intercooled
Maximum power    
SAE J1995/ISO14396, gross kW (HP) 145 kW (194 HP) at 2 000 min-1 (rpm)
SAE J1349/ISO 9249, net kW (HP) 144 kW (193 HP) at 1 800 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum torque Nm 931 Nm at 1 400 min-1 (rpm)
No. of cylinders   6
Bore and stroke mm 107 x 124
Piston displacement L 6.690
Batteries   2 X 12 V
Air cleaner Two element dry type with restriction indicator
Drive system Four-wheel drive system
Front & rear axle Semi-floating
Front Fixed to the front frame
Rear Trunnion support
Reduction and differential gear Two stage reduction with conventional differential
Oscillation angle Total 24˚ (+12˚,-12˚)
Final drives Heavy-duty planetary, mounted outboard
Tire size 23.5-25-16PR (L3)
Optional Refer to standard & optional equipment list
Service brakes Outboard mounted fully hydraulic 4 wheel wet disc brake. Front & rear independent brake circuit
Parking brakes Spring applied, hydraulically released, dry disc type with external output shaft
Type Articulated frame steering
Steering angle Each direction 40° ; total 80°
Cylinders Double-acting piston type
No. x Bore x Stroke 2 x 70 mm x 442 mm
Arm and bucket are controlled by independent control lever
Arm controls Four position valve ; Raise, hold, lower, float
Bucket controls with automatic bucket return-to-dig control - Three position valve ; Roll back, hold, dump
Main pump (Serve as steering pump) Variable Displacement Axial Plunger Pump
Maximum flow L/min 271 L/min at 2 170 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum pressure MPa 27.4 
Fan pump Fixed Displacement Gear Pump
Maximum flow L/min 80.5 L/min at 2 200 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum pressure MPa 27.4
Hydraulic cylinders    
Type Double acting type
No. x Bore x Stroke

Arm : 2 x 130 mm x 880 mm

Bucket : 1 x 165 mm x 510 mm

Filters Full-flow 15 micron return filter in reservoir
Hydraulic cycle times    
Lift arm raise s 5.9 s (5.6 s)
Lift arm lower s 3.3 s (3.3 s)
Bucket dump s 1.2 s (1.2 s)
Total s 10.4 s (10.1 s)
( ): Data at Power Mode
Fuel tank L 255
Engine coolant L 25
Engine oil L 25
Torque converter & transmission L 40
Front axle differential & wheel hubs L 35
Rear axle differential & wheel hubs L 35
Hydraulic oil tank L 114


Transmission Torque converter, countershaft type powershift with computer-controlled automatic shift and manual shift features included.
Torque converter Three element, single stage, single phase
Main clutch Wet hydraulic, multi-disc type
Cooling method Forced circulation type
Travel speed* Forward / Reverse  
1st 6.7 / 7.0 km/h (6.7 / 7.1 km/h)
2nd 11.4 / 12.0 km/h (11.7 / 12.3 km/h)
3rd 16.7 / 25.9 km/h (17.5 / 27.3 km/h)
4th 24.8 km/h (26.1 km/h)
5th 37.4 km/h (37.4 km/h)
**With 23.5-25-16PR (L3) tires ( ): Data at Power Mode




Note: standard or optional equipment depends on the standard of each country. Please contact us for the answer.


máy xúc lật hitachi zx220-5a




A 10% Fuel Saving


The “Active Engine Control System” can reduce fuel consumption by 10%, while enhancing controllability and productivity


Technology to Cut Fuel Consumption


Here are some fuel-saving techniques: avoiding rapid start of travel, and eliminating energy losses during excavation through variable displacement hydraulic pumps.




* Compared to the conventional ZW180


máy xúc lật bánh lốp Hitachi ZX220-5A


Active Engine Control System for Economical Operation and Easy Control


The “Active Engine Control System” plays a key role achieving a 10% fuel saving. Strategically positioned sensors detect movements throughout the machine and adjust engine speed accordingly to eliminate energy losses to maximize fuel conservation. This delivers smooth, fuel-efficient operation.


Active Engine Control System for Digging


- Active engine control - Choosing optimal traction power and breakout force



- Conventional + Excessive traction power by too much pedal depression



The Active Engine Control System chooses optimal traction power and breakout force for smooth digging while improving fuel efficiency, utilizing data collected from the sensors on the machine.


máy xúc lật hitachi zw180-5a


2 Selectable Work Modes: Standard and Power Modes


Standard mode is preselected and enough for ordinary work that requires constant power, such as loading. Power mode is selectable when extra power is needed.


Power Mode : Select this mode when extra power is needed, such as climbing a steep slope or getting the job done quickly. 


Quick Power Switch (QPS) Pressing the Quick Power Switch on the lever selects the Power mode. When switching forward/reverse, or when a reduction in traction is detected, the Standard mode resumes automatically. The Quick Power Switch helps save more fuel compared to operation when the Power mode is constantly selected.


ECO Mark Indicator for Fuel-Efficient Operation


Monitor indication items: Clock, oil replacement intervals, travel speed, mileage, hour meter


The ECO mark indicator turns on when fuel-efficient operation is activated. This function encourages operators to utilize fuelefficient operation.


Enhanced Controllability


Hitachi analyzed various wheel loader operations including digging, approach to a dump truck, operation after dumping and travel. This led to the development of strategies to improve wheel loader controllability


máy xúc lật bánh lốp Hitachi ZX220-5A


New Transmission with 5 speed gears


The new transmission comes standard with the Auto mode* that can automatically select an optimum gear according to the load, thereby reducing fuel consumption. Especially, the new transmission has 5 speed gears which can keep fuel efficient engine rpm more easily compared to the conventional transmission with 4 speed gears. 


* AUTO1 (1st-5th gear) and AUTO2 (2nd-5th gear) are selectable using travel mode selector.


Levers for Easy Operation


In order to offer more efficient and comfortable operation, a new type of lever is employed to suit both fingertip control and grip control.


* A variety of lever patterns are available depending on job needs and operator’s preference.


máy xúc lật hitachi zw180-5a


Speed-responding Clutch Cut-off System


Clutch cut-off timing is adjusted by sensing travel speed and pedal depression for smooth, efficient truck loading. The Flat mode, Slope mode and OFF are selectable by switch control according to job requirements


máy xúc lật hitachi zw180-5a


Delay Mode (Optional)


Shift change delay mode is provided to avoid an excessive rise in travel speed during digging and loading. When moving forward with the lift arm up, the second gear is kept for four seconds to prevent over-speed. When reversing, the second gear is kept for five seconds. These delays to third gear help to keep fuel consumption down ensuring smooth loading.


Lift Arm restriction valve


This restriction valve suppresses the shaking of the machine when the lift arm stops to improve operator comfort and avoid load spills.


Lift Arm Auto Leveler (Optional)


The lift arm can be automatically stopped at an preset level for efficient truck-loading, and lowering the bucket after dumping. The operator can concentrate on traveling without worrying about the lift arm.


Operator-Friendly Features to Improve Operator Comfort


The cab is both comfortable and functional with a series of features aimed at reducing operator fatigue.


xe xúc lật bánh lốp


Bi-Level Auto Air Conditioner


This auto air conditioner has bi-level control function: warming at foot space and cooling at overhead. The pressurized cab shuts out dust, keeping the cab interior clean. In dusty environments, optional external double-filters are available for the air conditioner.


xe xúc lật bánh lốp


Panoramic Cab


The spacious panoramic cab offers near all-round visibility through pillar-less bonded windows. The seat and steering wheel can be adjusted to suit the operator, keeping the operator in an optimum position. In-cab noise is suppressed further. Even when the going gets tough, the operator can feel comfortable


xe xúc lật bánh lốp


Tiltable Steering Wheel


The steering wheel is tiltable to fit the wheel to the operator for comfortable operation.


Comfort-Designed Suspension Seat


The mechanical suspension seat absorbs shocks and vibration from the machine in order to reduce operator’s physical stresses to the operator. 


* The air suspension seat is available as an option.


AM/FM Radio with 2 Speakers


The AM/FM radio has an autotuning feature and the 2 speakers stereo system provides excellent sound quality. The player pocket can hold a cell phone. 


* An AUX port (stereo mini jack) is an option for connection with a mobile music player for entertainment during breaks.


Rearview Monitor (Optional)


The rearview monitor allows the operator to see the rear of the machine, including a view behind the counterweight. This rearview monitor enhances safe operation.


An Array of Convenient Accessories


xe xúc lật bánh lốp


Simplified Maintenance with Proven Support System


Hitachi Support Chain offers a comprehensive suite of support services for customers.


máy xúc lật hitachi


Simplified Maintenance


The engine cover swings up to provide a wide service space. Filters are concentrated for easy inspection and servicing from the ground.


A Fuel pre-filter 


B Main fuel filter


C Engine oil gauge


D Window washer tank


Robust Frame


The main frame and its joins are thoroughly strengthened. The boxsection structure is adopted around center pins, where concentrated forces are applied, for reinforcement. Frame plate thicknesses are optimally determined by 3D stress analysis.


Wide Fin Pitch Radiator (Optional)


Wide fin pitch radiator is available for use in dusty environments, where there are large amounts of airborne debris, to avoid dust clogging and overheating as a result. Air blowing is easy and simple.


Automatic Reversible Cooling Fan (Optional) to Reduce Dust Deposits


The automatic reversible cooling fan is available to keep the radiator clean at all times. The cooling fan is automatically selfreversed every 30 minutes to blow dust off the radiator. The cover swings up for efficient air blowing.


Parts and Service



Hitachi Global Online Network, a parts supply system, is linked with CPD (Central Parts Depot), overseas depots and dealers abroad to deliver on-line parts information, including in-stock parts, order receptions, shipments and delivery period of over one million parts and components.


Genuine Hitachi Parts


Genuine Hitachi parts, meeting Hitachi stringent quality standards, are guaranteed according to Hitachi warranty standards. The use of genuine Hitachi parts, including engine, fuel, hydraulic oil and filters, may slash running costs, and extend machine life.






ConSite is a full-package service menu which is designed for Hitachi’s machines used around the world. We closely monitor and support each machine working at each job site from various aspects, ensuring the best-tuned machines that are accommodated for the site condition and meet your specific needs.


Technical Training


On-site servicing matters despite locations to keep the machine at peak performance and reduce downtime. Technical Training Center (TTC), located in Japan, educates and trains service technicians and service support personnel coming from Hitachi dealers and factories on the globe according to the international training programs.




Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35


Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35


We are proud to be a direct distributor of construction machines from famous brands in the world such as Hamm Compactor, Hitachi Excavators, Hyundai Everdigm Concrete Pumps, Vogele Asphalt Pavers, Cranes, Wirtgen Slipform Pavers,...


If you want to buy or get a free consultation, please call Hotline 0906702060 (Mr Tuyen). In addition, you can also come to watch directly at the representative offices of VITRAC:


Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35



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