Model DL300-5
Type Wheel Loader
Operating Weight  18 708 kg
Bucket Capacity 3.0 m3
Max. Engine Output 271 HP
Brand Doosan
Country of Manufacture Korea
Location Viet Nam


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The Doosan Group - founded in 1896 and headquartered in Seoul, South Korea - is one of the fastest-growing companies in the world:


- With more than 37,500 employees in 38 countries, we are a major player in a variety of industries worldwide.


- A global leader in the Infrastructure Support Business (ISB), with 56 subsidiaries and 3,700 distributors worldwide.


- Dramatic growth over the past two decades, with an annual Doosan Group revenue rising from €2.4 billion in 1998 to €12.8 billion in 2016


Doosan Group – a top player worldwide


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- Doosan Infracore: Among the world's Top 5 manufacturers of construction equipment


- Doosan Bobcat: A leading company in the design, manufacture, marketing, distribution and service of small equipment and attachments for construction, agriculture, and landscaping. Leading position in the global compact equipment market. N° 1 in North America for SSL, CTL and MEX. 


- Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction: World N° 1 in desalination plant construction, World N° 1 in heat recovery steam generator market, World N° 1 in mould & tool steel, World N° 3 in crankshafts


- Doosan Engineering & Construction: A pioneering leader in construction of residential and public buildings, civil works and industrial facilities. World N° 1 chemical process equipment products


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Creating construction equipment for over 40 years. For over 40 years, we've been building a global production and business network to become one of the world’s foremost construction equipment manufacturers.


A solid partner, close to you. A truly global player in every respect, we have large-scale factories, sales subsidiaries and dealers all over the world.


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Exceptional power combined with the finest workmanship results in a machine that performs at the highest level. Doosan DL300-5 wheel loader enhance your output from every angle:


- Impressive breakout force and high traction make penetration easy and allow you to tackle the hardest materials.


- Powerful hydraulic system makes work quick and efficient.


- New Doosan DL08 engine with SCR technology provides the power you need while meeting Stage IV environmental regulations


The combination of these features gives Doosan wheel loaders excellent penetration power, ensuring optimum bucket load in each cycle.


New engine - lower emissions / higher torque


Doosan DL300-5 is equipped with a Doosan engine. Famous for excellent fuel efficiency, reliability and long service life, it combines exceptional power output and high torque at low revs. Common-rail fuel injection is combined with a Variable Geometry turbocharger for faster machine response, even at very low speed. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, combined with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), ensures compliance with Stage IV environmental regulations. As there is no need for a particulate filter, there is no need for regeneration.


Situational Awareness Technology (SAT)


You can select from 3 different working modes: SAT, Normal and Power, while the Power-up function lets you switch the machine into a higher working mode with lower transmission shift intervals by fully applying the acceleration pedal. SAT limits the engine's conditions to not consume fuel excessively if not needed.


Save fuel, save money


To improve your fuel efficiency, an auto shut-down reduces the idle time of the engine, to prevent the over-consumption and useless operating hours. You can easily set the auto shut-down (to stop the engine after 3 to 60 minutes) via the LCD display


ECO gauge


Shows the average fuel efficiency for 1 minute of operation.




The Doosan ZF transmission has 5 gears (depending on the country) to boost acceleration performance, especially on climbs with the lockup. The gear ratios are optimised and smooth, and shock-free shifts contribute to the high overall level of operator comfort. Traction force is also maximised. Together, these qualities enable high working speed in all conditions. The transmission has 3 operating modes:


- Manual


- Automatic (working, 1st to 5th gear)


- Automatic (travelling, 2nd to 5th gear)


An automatic kick-down improves the machine's penetration into the pile.


Load sensing hydraulic closed centre system


This system provides maximum hydraulic performance, without producing excess capacity, thus saving fuel and extending the lifetime and reliability of vital components (such as the pumps and the main control valves).


Lock-up: Doosan DL300-5 loader also feature torque converter lockup. When this is activated, the engine automatically connects directly to the transmission (depending on speed and travel resistance), even from 2nd gear. The transmission receives the full engine power without hydraulic slip, thus increasing speed on slope dramatically. This feature can save you up to 10% in fuel costs.




The productivity of your wheel loader is directly linked to the operator’s performance. That’s why Doosan has placed comfort at the very centre of its design priorities for DL300-5 wheel loader. More space, better visibility, a high comfortable seat, and plenty of storage space make it easy to work for hours without fatigue or discomfort. And there’s no need to pay extra for the options you want, most of them are standard features on Doosan DL300-5!


Operator environment


A modern and attractive work space offers generous head room, and seat movement provides lots of leg room. Interior materials are selected for their high quality and easy cleaning. In addition, your belongings are right at hand, thanks to several storage boxes throughout the cab.


Comfortable automatic lift arm


Save time and reduce the number of operations with the “lift arm raise kick-out” and “return to dig” system. These functions are operated electronically from inside the cab.


High-comfort air suspension seat


With vertical and horizontal suspension, the ultra-comfortable, heated and fully adjustable Grammer seat is featured as standard, giving you the feeling of being comfortably installed in your own sofa.


Load Isolation System


This standard feature provides a smooth ride over rough ground, operator comfort, and reduced cycle times due to improved vehicle stability in movement. Higher productivity and better fuel efficiency while performing load & carry applications. Speed for automatic activation is adjustable by the operator.


Accurate & smooth joystick steering


Keep your concentration and reduce strain with the comfortable joystick steering integrated on the armrest. Drive your machine easily, especially in repetitive tasks and tight spaces.


Automatic air conditioning


Day and night, whatever the weather, set your preferred temperature for the best working conditions. Fully automatic climate control system adjusts air temperature and fan speed to maintain your ideal climate setting.


Adjustable steering column


Enhance your driving comfort, and work without fatigue, by easily adjusting the steering column’s tilt and telescopic movements to fit your preferred position.


Colour LCD monitor panel


The 5.7” LCD panel is suitable for day and night work. The userfriendly monitor has two customisable screen displays (per operator’s preference), giving full access to machine settings and maintenance data. Any abnormality is clearly displayed on the screen, allowing you to work safely and confidently with an accurate overview of all conditions.




Power alone is not enough for maximum efficiency, it needs to be matched by precise control. Our unique range of features allows every operator to get the most out of these impressive machines. Safety is crucial to your company and your employees. So, these machines feature large platforms, hand-rails, and 2 emergency exits, with maintenance performed from the ground.


Rear view camera


A camera provides a clear view of what’s happening behind the machine for added safety and peace of mind. The full colour display screen in the cab shows the operator what the camera sees. The panoramic view shows trucks coming up behind the loader or people on the ground, and some indicators provide a good perception of distances.


External mirrors


The external mirrors are heated to ensure visibility and prevent accidents in cold weather.


Full fenders


To keep them clean and avoid mud splashing on the windows or accidents on slippery steps, Doosan’s wheel loaders are standard equipped with full fenders and mud guards.




To ensure a healthy work environment, the cab air is filtered twice to eliminate all particles larger than 2 microns. Plus, the cab satisfies ROPS/ FOPS regulations – a wide emergency exit (located on the right side) provides fast, easy evacuation in a critical situation.


Safe maintenance


All the daily gauges checking takes place from the ground, to be operate quickly and safely by everyone. Doosan has also installed an automatic greasing system (as standard) to reduce working time and increase operating comfort.


Safe access


To facilitate access and mobility on the machine, multiple hand-rails ensure that the operator always has a firm support to hold on to.


Driving assistance


- Automatic transmission with smooth shift transition


- Automatic transmission kick-down


- Automatic Hydraulic Differential Lock (HDL)


- Automatic Lift-arm Suspension (LIS)


- Automatic kick-out function on lift arm


- Automatic return to dig position


- Automatic reversing fan


- Automatic greasing system


- Automatic lock-up on torque converter


Ergonomic controls: All controls are placed within the operator’s easy reach. Clearly positioned for comfortable access, and grouped by function, they enable safe, confident operation. The bucket is controlled by using a convenient joystick or with fingertip levers. Both include an FNR reversing switch and kick-down function.




Doosan has been building heavy construction equipment for 40 years. This extensive experience is reflected in the superior design and development of our wheel loaders and by an extensive logistics network. Plus, our standard machines include a wide range of features at no extra cost (other manufacturers offer these only as options)


Designed to last


We pay the closest attention to the design and manufacture of structural components. Finite Element Analysis is used to ensure an extended lifetime for main structures such as the chassis, joints and lift arm. Then, after modelling, they are subjected to intensive laboratory and field testing in extreme conditions. Ongoing statistical analysis is used to continually increase reliability.


Durable steel parts


Rear parts such as the radiator grille, engine bonnet and fenders are made of solid steel. They’re also designed for easy repair, reducing the need to replace them if they are damaged.


Articulation hinges


The robust hinges feature a clean and solid design and the 40° articulation angle and steering radius are the best in their class.




The inner exhaust pipe sucks air out of the engine compartment through an outer pipe. This ”chimney” effect provides constant air circulation and prevents deposits of flammable material on hot parts.




Doosan DL300-5 wheel loader are standard equipped with an automatic central greasing system: ‘Auto-lube’ protects components for longer machine lifetime.


ORFS (O-Ring Face Seal)


All hydraulic lines, even the low pressure circuits, are sealed with ORFS couplings to prevent leaks.


Limited slip differentials: Limited slip differentials at the front and rear automatically ensure maximum traction and easy driving over soft and muddy ground with no need for a manual differential lock. They also reduce the risk of skidding and prevent excessive tyre wear. An optional hydraulic differential-lock can be activated automatically if one tyre starts to slip. The outboard disc brakes enable easy service without dismounting the axles.




Short maintenance operations at long intervals mean you can depend on your equipment being available on-site when it’s needed. Our machines are designed for simple routine maintenance, while skilled Doosan technicians are available to provide extra support when you need it. To get the most out of your machine, you can choose the package you need from a broad range of service agreements. Uptime, productivity and residual value are all maximised, making these wheel loaders an economical and rewarding choice. Building further on the success of the Stage IIIB engines, the Doosan DL08 Stage IV engine does not need a DPF filter to meet the Stage IV emissions requirements. Which means no maintenance required resulting in more uptime!


Maintenance access made simple


- The front and rear of the radiator which is made of aluminium for the highest pressure resistance and a long lifetime are easily accessible.


- Air enters through the side and top. Swing doors provide easy access for maintenance.


- A battery cut-off switch makes it easy to disconnect the battery during long-term storage.


- The hour meter display can be easily checked without turning the engine on


Triple-element air filter


The forced-air cleaner removes 99% of particles and is backed up by a turbo pre-filter. Cleaning and cartridge replacement are only needed at long intervals.




The Doosan EMS (Engine Management System) uses a CAN (Controller Area Network) to provide a constant flow of operating information as well as diagnostic and ECU programming functions.


SCR Tank


Connected to the ECU, sensors in the tank detect low levels of AdBlue® and any system malfunction.


Global Doosan network


With a network of Doosan dealers & Parts Distribution Centres worldwide, your Doosan wheel loader can be serviced & maintained wherever you are. Our service centre in the heart of Europe has more than 40,000 parts in stock to supply you with top-quality components as quickly as possible.


Full solution provider


- The Doosan Telematic system is available as standard offering you all of the features for reading out vehicle operating & production parameters remotely, and providing you with total ease-of-mind


- Protection+: an extended warranty covering parts, travel and service (check with your local dealer)


- Maintenance contract: your dealer will support you with routine service at regular intervals.


- Genuine parts: manufactured and tested to ensure they always meet the same high quality standards as the original components


Reversing 90° swing fan


The fan is located behind the radiator, and air is sucked in from the sides, not from behind the machine. Easier cleaning access to one-block radiator from the rear and the front. The operator can easily set standard intervals for fan reverse from the LCD display. Performance is regulated for lower fuel consumption and shorter warm-up periods.




Robust construction, excellent penetration, covering several types of applications from light- up to severe-duty. These new Doosan loader attachments are designed and manufactured in Europe to meet local requirements and standards. A large range of attachments guarantees versatility and efficiency all the way. Each bucket is designed for a specific machine model to fit its key kinematic parameters perfectly. Critical bucket positions are optimised to improve digging and dumping. The Doosan attachment concept stands for high quality, perfect fit and excellent operational capabilities.


General purpose buckets


General purpose buckets provide good all-round performance for stockpiling and material-handling operations. With its sloped bottom design for optimum bucket filling capabilities and load retention, this is the perfect bucket for day-to-day material handling. It can be equipped with optional teeth, shrouds and cutting edge, depending on the customer’s requirements.


High dump bucket


The high dump bucket is suitable for light material handling applications. This bucket improves the unload height and increases the versatility of the wheel loader. Its convex sides allow high capacity and avoid material spilling. Comes standard with a bolted reversible cutting edge.


Heavy-duty buckets


Heavy-duty bucket suitable for a range of applications that require a robust construction (such as sand handling or occasional severe loading). Parts subjected to high stress such as the edge, sidebars and corner protections are made of hardened steel. Optional teeth, shrouds and reversible cutting edge allow you to tailor the bucket to the customer’s needs.


Grapple bucket


The grapple bucket is designed to provide good all-round performance for material-handling applications. Depending on the application, the side can be convex for good capacity, or carved to improve the material grip. Different types of grapple available; comes standard with a bolted reversible cutting edge.


V-shape Rock buckets


Used for handling and digging of hard compacted material and blasted rock in mining or quarry applications, where high break-out force is required. Severe digging is no problem for this tough bucket, made entirely of highly wearresistant steel with a hardness of 420 BHN. Weld-on ESCO® teeth are standard.


Pallet forks


For loading and unloading different types of pallets as well as normal forklift operations.


Light material buckets


When you need to move large amounts of light material, this bucket is the most profitable and rewarding choice. Its convex sides allow high capacity and avoid material spilling. Comes standard with a bolted reversible cutting edge.




Particularly interesting when the machine has a wide variety of jobs to carry out, this hydraulic quick-coupler enables a variety of attachments to be changed quickly and safely.


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