Model DX480LC
Type Crawler Excavator
Weight Operation 50 400 kg
Bucket (SAE HEAPED) 1.80 ~ 2.86 m3
Engine Rated Power (SAE j1349, net) 245 kW (328 HP) @ 1 800rpm
Brand Doosan
Country of Manufacture Korea
Location Viet Nam


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Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LC-5


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Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LCR


Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LCR




Máy đào bánh xích Doosan DX140LCR






The new DX480LC hydraulic excavator has all the advantages of the previous model, and now offers additional added value to the operator. The new DX480LC was developed with the concept of “providing optimum value to the end user.” In concrete terms, this translates, into:


- Increased production and improved fuel economy is attributed to the electronic optimization of the hydraulic system and the new generation DOOSAN engine (Tier Ⅲ / Stage Ⅲ).


- Improved ergonomics, increases comfort and excellent all round visibility ensuring a safe and pleasant working environment.


- Improved reliability is achieved through the use of high performance materials combined with new methods of structural stress analysis, and leads to increased component life expectancy, thus reducing running costs.


- Reduced maintenance increases the availability and reduces operating costs of the excavator.




The hydraulic excavator's power, durability, ease of servicing and its precise control increase its effectiveness and life expectancy. With the DX480LC, DOOSAN offers an excellent return on investment


Choice of operating modes


- Working mode:


+ Digging mode: for general excavation, loading, lifting...


+ Trenching mode: swing priority for trench work, canal digging, embankments...


- Power mode


+ Standard: uses 85% engine power for all work.


+ Power: uses 100% engine power for heavy work


- Operation modes


+ Mode selection


+ Flow rate control


+ Auto deceleration


+ Display selection


Warning lights


Control panel With color LCD display.


Control lever


Very precise control of the equipment increases versatility, safety and facilitates tricky operations requiring great precision. Leveling operations and particularly the movement of suspended loads are made easier and safer. The control levers have additional electrical buttons for controlling other additional equipment (for example, grabs, crushers, grippers, etc.).




The work rate of the hydraulic excavator is directly linked to the performace of its operator. DOOSAN designed the DX480LC by putting the operator at the centre of the development goals. The result is significant ergonomic value that improves the efficiency and safety of the operator.


More space, better visibility, air conditioning, a very comfortable seat... These are all elements that ensure that the operator can work for hours and hours in excellent conditions.


Control panel


Correct positioning with clear controls makes the operator’s task easier.


The high performance air conditioning provides an air flow which is adjusted and electronically controlled for the conditions. Five operating modes enable even the most demanding operator to be satisfied.


Audio Button


Audio Button has been positioned in a way that the driver can turn on/off the radio, control the volume, and select a channel conveniently


Air suspension seat (Opt.)


Equipped with various functions of adjustment forth and back and, and lumbar support, it reduces the vibration of equipment transmitted during work in an effective way. Also for considering winter working environment, Seat warmer functions equipped.




The performance of the DX480LC has a direct effect on its productivity. Its new "Common Rail" engine and new e-EPOS controlled hydraulic system have combined to create an unbeatable hydraulic excavator, with a cost/performance ratio that makes the DX480LC even more appealing.


At the heart of the hydraulic excavator is the new “Common Rail” DOOSAN DV11 engine. It is combined with the new e-EPOS electronic control system, for optimum power and fuel saving. The new engine produces 328 hp(245 kw/333 PS) at only 1,800 rpm, and more torque, due to its careful design combined with the use of common rail injection and 4 valves per cylinder. These features help optimize combustion and minimize pollution through reduced Nox & particulate emissions.


Increased torque allows efficient use of the power of the hydraulic system.


- Faster working cycles increase productivity.


- Increased torque means the excavator is able to move more easily.


- Energy efficiency reduces fuel consumption.


DOOSAN infracore is aware of the importance of protecting the environment. Ecology was uppermost in the minds of the research workers right from the start of the design of the new machines. The new challenge for the engineers is to combine the protection of nature with equipment performance and to this end DOOSAN has been investing heavily.


The new DOOSAN engine respects and protects the environment, limiting all types of toxic emissions.


Hydraulic Pump


The Main pump has a capacity of 2x355ℓ/min reducing cycle time while a high capacity gear pump improves pilot line efficiency


Swing drive


Shocks during rotation are minimized, while increased torque is available to ensure rapid cycles


New e-EPOS system (Electronic Power Optimizing System)


The brains of the hydraulic excavator, the e-EPOS, have been improved and now can electronically link to the engines ECU (Electronic Control Unit), through a CAN (Controller Area Network) communication link, enabling a continuous exchange of information between the engine and the hydraulic system. These units are now perfectly synchronised. The advantages of the new e-EPOS impacts at several levels, Ease of operation and user-friendliness:


- The availability of a power mode and a normal operating mode guarantee maximum efficiency under all conditions.


- Electronic control of fuel consumption optimizes efficiency.


- The automatic deceleration mode enables fuel saving.


- Regulation and precise control of the flow rate required by the equipment are available as standard.


- A self-diagnosis function enables technical problems to be resolved quickly and efficiently.


- An operational memory provides a graphic display of the status of the machine.


- Maintenance and oil change intervals can be displayed.




The reliability of an item of plant contributes to its overall lifetime operating costs. DOOSAN uses computer-assisted design techniques, highly durable materials and structures then test these under extreme conditions. Durability of materials and longevity of structures are our first priorities.


Strengthened Boom


The shape of the boom has been optimized by finite elements design, allowing uniform load distribution throughout the structure. This combined with increased material thickness means improved durability and reliability by limiting element fatigue.


Arm Assembly


In the arm assembly greater strength has been gained by using cast elements and reinforcement around the bosses to give it an increased lifetime.




The X-chassis frame section has been designed using finite element and 3-dimensional computer simulation, to ensure greater durability and optimum structural integrity. The swing gear is solid and stable.




Highly wear-resistant materials are used for the most susceptible elements such as the blades, teeth, rear and lateral reinforcement plates and corners of the bucket.


Strong side doors


The robust appearance and the adhesive reinforcing plate have realized both an elegant appearance and higher rigidity at the same time.


D-type Frame


The D-type frame design adds strength and minimizes distortion due to shocks.


Radiator and oil cooler


The advanced aluminum radiator and oil cooler help demonstrate the best cooling efficiency and have also drastically improved the pressure resistance, vibration resistance and thermal strength.


Reinforced idler frame


The robust appearance and the adhesive reinforcing plate have realized both an elegant appearance and higher rigidity at the same time.




A highly lubricated metal is used for the boom pivot in order to increase the lifetime and extend the greasing intervals to 250 hours. A rolled bushing with very fine grooves has been added o the arm bucket pivot; so greasing is only required every 50 hours.


Ultra-hard wear-resistant disc


New materials have been used in order to increase the wear resistance and to increase the service intervals. The longevity is greatly increased by the addition of wear plates on the inside and outside of the bucket lugs


Master pin


A lock pressure method has been adopted to fix the master pin and this prevents the pin from loosening from the link, thus realizing a higher level of durability.


Lower roller and track guard


The inner structure of the lower roller body has been improved and reliability testing has verified this is giving higher levels of durability. In addition, the number of track guards has been increased to three for each side to prevent track separation


Double Grouser shoe (Opt.)


A double grouser shoe has been applied to prevent sliding when working in rocky conditions


Strengthened drive motor frame


The strengthened drive motor frame helps prevent damage to the drive motor and drive piping when travelling on rough ground of changing direction, thus further improving their durability


Integrated Track Spring and Idler


The track spring and the idler have been joined directly to achieve high durability and improved maintenance convenience.




The chain is composed of selflubricating sealed links isolated from all external contamination. The tracks are locked by mechanically bolted pins.


Polymer shim


A polymer shim is added to the bucket pivot to promote extended pin and bushing life.


Pump coupling


A polymer material is used to produce the coupling between the pump and engine. This material has a long life and reduces noise and vibration levels




Short maintenance operations at long intervals increase the availability of the equipment on site. DOOSAN has developed the DX480LC with a view to high profitability for the user.


Easy maintenance


Access to the various radiators and coolers is very easy, making cleaning easier. Access to the various parts of the engine is from the top and via side panels.


Maintenance of optimum cooling status


During operation, forward rotations help maintains optimum cooling, while a convenientiy located switch allow the operator to reverse the rotation of the fan to help remove dust and foreign substances from the cooler, contributing to the maintenance of optimum cooling at at all times.




The integrated design and press shaping can minimize damages caused by scratches and the addition of a reflective plate has improved equipment discrimination.


Hydraulic oil return filter


The protection of the hydraulic system is more effective, using glass fiber filter technology in the main oil return filter. This means that with more than 99.5% of foreign particles filtered out, the oil change interval is increased.


Air cleaner


The large capacity forced air cleaner removes over 99% of airborne particles, reducing the risk of engine contamination and making the cleaning and cartridge change intervals greater.


Fuel filter


High efficiency fuel filtration is attained by the use of multiple filters, including a fuel pre-filter fitted with a water separator that removes most moisture from the fuel


Convenient side step


Located on the right, the step helps you access the upper part of the machine and get on and get off the machine easily, in addition to facilitating equipment checking.


PC Monitoring (DMS)


A PC monitoring function enables connection to the e-EPOS system, allowing various parameters to be checked during maintenance, such as pump pressures, engine rotation speed, etc. and these can be stored
and printed for subsequent analysis.


Convenient Fuse Box


The fuse box is conveniently located in a section of the storage compartment behind the operator's seat providing a clean environment and easy access.


Engine oil filter


The engine oil filter offers a high level of filtration allowing the oil change interval to be increased to 500 hours. It is easy to access and is positioned to avoid contaminating the surrounding environment.


Centralized grease inlets for easy maintenance


The arm grease inlets are grouped for easy access.



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