SV621D / T


Model SV621D / T
Type SV621D: Compator with Smooth Drum
SV621T: Compactor with Padfoot Drum
Operating Weight 12 535  / 12 880 kg
Drum width 2 970 mm
Emission standard TIER 2
Brand Sakai
Country of Manufacture Japan
Location Viet Nam
Contact 0906 702 060 (Mr Tuyen)


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Xe lu rung Sakai SV621D


Sakai SV621 series rollers are 13 ton class soil compactors that share the outstanding features with the SV521 series rollers. Sakai SV621D is a smooth drum type and Sakai SV621T is equipped with a padfoot drum. The rollers are widely applicable for compaction works for construction of highways, airports, dam and site preparation for buildings, housing development, etc.


xe lu sakai sv521dh


Proven Vibratory Compaction Performance


- High amplitude (2.03 mm for D type).


- High centrifugal force (26 tons).


- High density and uniform compaction throughout the layer


Excellent Traction


- All-wheel (drum & tire) drive system.


Economical Operation & Low Maintenance Cost


- Fuel Saving Eco Compaction Mode as a standard equipment.


- Durable and quality components for a prolonged service interval and low maintenance costs.


Operator Comfort & Safety


- Sakai’s original shock absorbing system for better vibration isolation and longer parts life.


- Increased safety by an emergency pedal brake in addition to the conventional service and parking brakes.


- Complete vandalism protection devices.





xe lu sakai sv521dh




xe lu rung Sakai SV621D



Xe lu rung Sakai SV621D
Xe lu rung Sakai SV621D

* Using low quality fuel may cause engine failure. 


- Specified figures have a tolerance of ±5%.


- All specifications may be changed without notice.


- Specified figures are in SI Units, followed by their equivalent English Units of measurement in ( ).


- Max. operating weight: Fuel = 100%, Water = 100%, Operator = 75 kg


- Operating weight: Fuel = 50%, Water = 50%, Operator = 75 kg


- The photos may contain optional equipment and/or attachment.




Note: standard or optional equipment depends on the standard of each country. Please contact us for the answer.


Standard Equipment: Instruments, Gauges, ECO MODE, Scrapers for both directions, Backup alarm, Horn, AWNING, Comfort seat, Front-facing working lights (2 pcs.). Rear-facing working lights (2 pcs.), Mirrors, 4 points lifting, Accessory socket (24 V), Safety steps, Vandalism protection.


Optional Equipment: Enclosed CABIN, Enclosed ROPS-Cabin w/seat belt, ROPS-Canopy w/seat belt, Air conditioner, Deluxe seat, Turn signal lamp, Combi. lamp, Rotary beacon, Pad locks for vandalism protection, Filter kit for 1000 hrs.


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