MDX ID TB00113
Serial number VSW25-20101
Engine ISUZU, A-4BG1T
Operation Weight 10,400 kg
Year of Manufacture 2001
Country of Manufacture Japan
Hours 4,261
Location Đồng Nai
Certificate of registry SW800.pdf
Download Brochure SW800-Catalog.pdf

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Rollers with a versatile vibration system effective for Superpave, HMA, SMA & base material, incorporated into operator friendly design.





- Three frequencies (2,500vpm, 3,000vpm and 4,000vpm) with dual amplitude vibration settings make the SW800, SW850 and SW900 very versatile rollers, applicable to asphalt pavement as well as base course.


- The 4,000vpm high frequency setting is especially effective for superpave compaction. With this high frequency mode, the compaction work is sped up and a smoother surface is achieved due to closer impact spaces.


- Large diameter drums keep the pavement surface smooth and avoid hairline cracks.


- The directions of vibrator's rotation are arranged so that all effective compaction force is applied to the ground and uncomfortable vibration does not reach the operator station.


- Drive motors and vibration motors are cross-mounted between front and rear drums. This design balances the SW800, SW800N, SW850 and SW900 not only front and rear, but also right and left. This feature keeps the machines rolling straight even at very slow speeds


Easy operation and operator comfort


- The 180 degree rotating MPOS (multi-position operator station) provides all around visibility as well as a view of drum edges regardless of the direction of travel. The rotation of the operator station is smooth and effortless. The instrument panel is always located in front of the operator so that the monitoring of gauges and instruments is very easy.


- Like SAKAI’s other vibratory rollers, the SW800, SW800N, SW850 and SW900 employ a patented,unique vibration isolation system that offers the best riding comfort and a longer service life for its rubber isolators.


- The pressurized and fully corrosion-proof water sprinkler system includes two large capacity polyethylene tanks which have a large filler opening, stainless pipes and quick-mount type brass spray nozzles along with a triple filtering system. This system includes an emergency back up when a water pump fails or one tank becomes empty. The wind protection cover for each spray bar keeps drums constantly wet even on windy days. This protective guard is provided for each tank.


Excellent serviceability


- The engine and hydraulic components are protected in a fully enclosed compartment with wide service doors. In addition, these components are accessible from the ground. • The hydraulic system includes centralized pressure gauge ports.


- Quick-mount water spray nozzles can be mounted or dismounted without tools. They are made of brass, giving them unsurpassed durability.


- A large ball bearing and taper bearings are employed in the centerpin mechanism to prolong the service life and lubrication intervals.


High safety standards


- The low center of gravity design assures stable drive even over rough surfaces and 1m-1m visibility are standard features of the SW800, SW800N, SW850 and SW900.


- In addition to a hydrostatic primary brake system and spring-applied, hydraulically released (SAHR) secondary brake, a foot brake is provided for emergency stops





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