Model W215
Operating weight 31 100 kg
Milling width 2 000 mm
Milling depth 0 - 330 mm
Brand Wirtgen
Country of Manufacture Germany
Location Viet Nam
Contact 0906 702 060 (Mr Tuyen)




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State-of-the-art milling technology meets all of the requirements for cost-effective and environmentally friendly road rehabilitation. Our vision to use innovative milling technology to quickly and effectively remove road surfaces marked the beginning of the era of cold milling technology. Since then, WIRTGEN has been regarded as the global market leader in this highly complex field. Fascinated by the unimagined possibilities of the process, we are the driving force behind continuous advancement, ensuring that our innovative solutions will continue to revitalize the road network for decades to come.


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máy cào bóc Wirtgen
Milling Drum    
Milling width mm 2 000
Milling depth*1 mm 0 - 330
*1 = The maximum milling depth may deviate from the value indicated due to tolerances and wear.
Cutting diameter mm 1 020
Engine manufacturer   CUMMINS
Type   QSX15
Cooling   Water
Number of cylinders   6
Rated power at 2 100 rpm kW/HP/PS 470 / 630 / 639
Maximum power at 1 900 rpm kW/HP/PS 470 / 630 / 639
Displacement cm3 15 000
Fuel consumption at rated power | during a mixture of job site operations l/h 123 | 49
Emissions standard   EU Stage 3a/US Tier 3, CN Stage 3
Electrical System
Power supply V 24
Tank Capacities
Fuel l 1 160
Hydraulic oil l 200
Water l 3 280
Driving Performance
Max. travel and milling speed m/min (km/h) 0 - 85 (5)
Crawler Units
Track chains front / back (L x W x H) mm 1 730 x 300 x 610
Loading of Milled Material
Belt width of primary conveyor mm 850
Belt width of discharge conveyor mm 850
Theoretical capacity of discharge conveyor  m³ / h 375
Basic Machine Weight
Net weight of machine without fluids kg 27 940
Operating weight, CE*2 kg 30 290
*2 = Weight of machine, half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, driver (75 kg), on-board tools, excluding optional equipment features.
Maximum operating weight (full tanks, full range of equipment) kg 33 140
Weight of Tank Contents
Water kg 3 280
Fuel (0.83 kg / l) kg 960
Additional Weight
Operator and tools
Operator kg 75
5 pick containers kg 125
Vehicle tool kit kg 30
Optional milling drums in lieu of standard
Milling drum FB2000 HT22 LA8 with 274 picks kg 660
Milling drum FB2000 HT5 LA6X2 with 672 picks kg 960
Milling drum FB2000 HT22 LA25 with 124 picks kg -340




Keeping Traffic Moving with Cold Milling Machines


máy cào bóc Wirtgen


W215 cold milling Wirtgen is used to remove asphalt and concrete surfaces quickly and efficiently. In doing so, they create a level foundation with the specified width and depth that is required for paving new surface layers of uniform thickness. This is important, because the condition of the milled surface has a major impact on the quality of the new surface layers, their performance characteristics, and on the cost-effective completion of further construction work. When pavements re milled in layers, the milled material can be separated and selectively recovered according to mix type.


In cold milling, a distinction is made between maintenance (minor construction measures to preserve the structural integrity of the surface), repair (major construction measures to preserve the structural integrity of the surface and improve its properties), and rehabilitation (complete restoration).


As the market leader in the field of cold milling machines, WIRTGEN has been the key driver of numerous innovations and pioneering technologies. Today WIRTGEN offers by far the most comprehensive product range in the industry.


-  Milled material is generally reused as a valuable recyclable construction material.


-  Both the entire thickness of the road surface and individual, thin layers can be removed.


- The cold milling method is used in a wide variety of applications worldwide and is unmatched from both an economic and environmental point of view.


From Service Provider to Global Market Leader


Today’s technologically advanced cold milling machines can load a 30-ton truck with asphalt granulate within a few minutes. The road to this point was a long one, however WIRTGEN has always been instrumental in driving progress in this field.


WIRTGEN built the first of a total of 100 hot milling machines for its own service fleet in 1971. The idea to use the round shank bits used in mining with carbide tips made the technological transition from hot milling to cold milling possible in 1979.


From the first building block the development of cold milling technology for road construction to the present day, WIRTGEN has reached numerous innovative milestones along the road to this technology’s success. Today, the name WIRTGEN is synonymous with high-performance cold milling technology throughout the world.


- 1971: The first prototype of a hot milling machine successfully removes damaged asphalt surfaces.


- 1979: The first cold milling machine, the 3800 C, is a rear loader with hydraulic milling drum drive.


- 1980: The 500 C, the first half-meter cold milling machine, mills to a depth of 100 mm.


- 1984: The first front loader, the 2000 VC, permanently changes job site logistics.


- 1988: The DC series with working depths up to 300 mm extends the range of applications considerably.


- 1992: The first bolted toolholder system increases cold milling machines’ operational availability


- 2001: The FCS quick-change system for milling drums increases the flexibility of the machines


- 2009: The VCS extraction system reduces dust emissions during operation.


- 2010: The new generation of large milling machines – the W 200 to W 250 sets new standards in milling performance.


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- 2015: Wirtgen W 50 Ri and W 100 CFi embody a new, highly effective method of operating small milling machines.


- 2019: The new F series of large milling machines, with MILL ASSIST and the Performance racker, set new standards of costeffectiveness.


Features of a Rear-Loading Small Milling Machine


Small milling machine offers high mobility and flexibility. They are used for machining small surfaces and for precise milling in confined spaces and are equipped with a wheeled chassis. The milling drum is installed at the back of the machine.


máy cào bóc Wirtgen


- Height-adjustable discharge conveyor that can swing in both directions


- For milling flush to the edge


- Milling drums of different widths with variable tool spacings


- Operator’s platform with ergonomic multifunction armrest


- Right-side rear wheel can be pivoted in for milling flush to the edge


- Highly efficient mechanical milling drum drive


- Wheeled chassis for large front steering angle


Features of a Front-Loading Large Milling Machine


Due to their high milling performance, W215 large milling machines are particularly suitable for repair work on large areas. The front loaders are equipped with four hydraulically steerable and heightadjustable crawler units, with the milling drum positioned in the center beneath the machine. The proximity of the drum to the machine’s center of gravity significantly increases milling performance.


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- Economical, powerful dual engine design


- Highly efficient mechanical milling drum drive


- Ergonomic operator’s platform with two workstations


- Hydraulically steerable and height-adjustable crawler units


- Hydraulically steerable and height-adjustable crawler units


- Primary conveyor for receiving the milled material


- Continuously adjustable conveyor speed


- Height-adjustable discharge conveyor that can swing in both directions


- Vacuum cutting system for the extraction of fine material particles


- Material transfer


Wirtgen Key Technology: Cutting Technology


In order to efficiently remove pavement with precision, it is essential that the milling drum, pick holder, and round shaft pick work together perfectly. WIRTGEN is the market leader in cutting technology and offers customers high-performance cutting systems whose components are designed to be fully compatible. In addition, WIRTGEN continuously makes advancements to these cutting technology components, incorporating its practical experience and feedback from customers into the process.


The heavy-duty picks offer maximum wear resistance. This increases milling performance and extends the intervals between tool changes.


The rugged HT22 toolholder system minimizes downtimes and increases the service life of the entire milling drum.


The HT22 PLUS toolholder upper part features innovative centering marks (Fig. 3) on the tool contact surface. In combination with the X² generation of round shaft picks, this reduces toolholder wear by up to 25% and also optimizes the rotation behavior of the picks. The upper part offers considerable benefits such as higher milled surface quality and longer intervals between changes.


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WIRTGEN milling drum units are the perfect combination of expertise acquired over more than 50 years and groundbreaking technologies.  The unique slot profile with innovative centering function on the wear plate increases the service life of the generation X2 picks by up to 25%. Detailed view of the generation X2 HT22 Plus round shaft pick.


Wirtgen Key Technology: Leveling


When milling, it’s important to remove the layers of asphalt at the specified depth. WIRTGEN’s intuitive LEVEL PRO/ LEVEL PRO PLUS /LEVEL PRO ACTIVE leveling technology can be relied on to precisely maintain the specified milling depth. The high-tech leveling system developed in-house at WIRTGEN with software specially programmed for cold milling machines is fully integrated into the control system of the entire machine. LEVEL PRO/LEVEL PRO PLUS / LEVEL PRO ACTIVE constantly compares the current milling depth with the preset target value.


If the system detects deviations, they are dynamically and proportionally corrected. The actual milling depth is determined via optical or mechanical sensors that continuously scan a reference surface.


The WIRTGEN leveling system can not only be operated with a wide variety of sensors, but can also be extended as required for example with the multiplex system, laser leveling, or thanks to a preinstalled interface, with 3D leveling.


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- WIRTGEN’s leveling technology adjusts height, depth, and pitch for extremely accurate results and reduces the operator’s workload.


-  LEVEL PRO/ LEVEL PRO PLUS/ LEVEL PRO ACTIVE stands for perfect leveling quality at high working speeds.


- Scanning in front of the milling drum.


- Telescoping leveling boom on the right or left.


- Multiplex system with up to four ultrasonic sensors.


- 3D leveling/ laser leveling.


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Wirtgen Key Technology: Machine Control


State-of-the-art cold milling machines are efficient construction machines whose key success factor is their high milling performance. Intelligent, computer-assisted automatic functions assist the operator so that they need to intervene in the milling process as little as possible. With WIRTGEN high-performance cold milling machines, for example, the operator is supported by the innovative proprietary MILL ASSIST machine control system.


In automatic mode, MILL ASSIST always selects the operating strategy with the best balance between performance and costs. In doing so, the process optimization automatically adjusts the speed of the diesel engine and milling drum, the travel drive, the water system, and the machine’s advance speed. This significantly reduces the operator’s workload while improving machine performance and considerably reducing diesel consumption, CO2 emissions, and noise.


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- Intelligent computer control systems support the machine operator during their daily operations.


-  The milling machine’s intelligently designed visibility concept makes the operator’s work much easier and results in precise milling results.


- The innovative MILL ASSIST machine control system helps the machine operator optimize the results of the milling process.


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The largest range of machines worldwide.


WIRTGEN offers by far the widest range of cold milling machines worldwide. The standard range already covers the entire milling width spectrum from 14 mm to 4.4 m. The selection of machines extends from the extremely compact W 35 Ri cold milling machine – which is also suitable for indoor applications to the W 250 Fi, which is capable of completing major projects on highway or airport job sites in record time.


Our delivery range leaves nothing to be desired. It offers a customized, state-of-the-art solution for every customer-specific application. From additional milling drums to the optional VCS dust extraction system to the hydraulically adjustable and rotating operator’s cabin (OCS) to name just a few options customers can generally select from a large number of equipment options for their cold milling machines to ensure that they always achieve maximum performance, even under complex job site conditions.


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A Wide Range of Applications


Small Milling Machines


WIRTGEN’s small milling machines stand out particularly for their outstanding versatility and flexibility. Thanks to their maneuverability, they are the ideal solution for milling jobs where space is at a premium. Their compact dimensions also make it easier to transport them.


The machines’ minimal milling radius is ideal for milling around road installations and obstacles as well as around tight curves. In addition, special milling drums and ancillary equipment make it easy to mill rumble strips, slots, and tie-ins.


Small milling machines are also the best choice for the rehabilitation of industrial spaces and production hall floors due to their small size. The same applies to patching specific sections of road or adding and removing road surface markings.


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Compact Milling Machines


Compact milling machines from WIRTGEN combine the benefits of small and large milling machines and therefore offer tremendous flexibility. The machines, which are operated as front loaders, are particularly maneuverable on the one hand, but also offer a high level of performance on the other.


As a result, the compact class is suitable for milling jobs in tight spaces, for example, but also for removing entire road surfaces. Original WIRTGEN fine milling drums can be used to produce specific surface structures.


Compact milling machines can also be used for spot road repairs and the removal of road pavements in layers, as well as for smoothing out irregularities in the surface layer.


Large Milling Machines


WIRTGEN’s most powerful class of milling machines is particularly suitable for the rehabilitation of large areas. Their impressive milling performance means that large milling machines can complete construction projects much faster, thereby minimizing traffic disruptions.


Front loading ensures that the milled material is optimally loaded, and keeps the milling process flowing by continuously filling the trucks on the fly. In addition, this allows the trucks to move in and out smoothly in the direction of traffic.


W215 large milling machine countless applications include he removal of road pavements in layers or the complete removal of road surfaces at milling depths of up to 35 cm.


Special milling drums can also be used to produce specific surface structures (fine milling) and improve grip. Large milling machines are also the first choice for smoothing out irregularities in the surface layer.


The Worldwide Leader in Milling




- Thanks to our decades of experience in the cold milling business, our machines are the most innovative on the market.


W215 cold milling machine from WIRTGEN are renowned for their consistently high performance, excellent quality, and maximum reliability.




-  Your opinion is important to us, which is why our sales team with its excellent knowledge of our products engages in a dialog with every customer and always puts your needs first.


-  With its comprehensive technical expertise, our service team ensures that your W215 cold milling machine will have a long service life - we remain your reliable partner long after the sale.


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As the global market leader in road construction, we have a responsibility to the environment which we take extremely seriously. For example, the selectively milled material is completely reused as a valuable recyclable construction material. In addition, we constantly strive to reduce machine emissions through groundbreaking advancements and environmentally friendly engines.


As the global market leader, here at WIRTGEN we strive to meet our own high standards each and every day. This is why we are particularly proud of the fact that all of our machines are fully developed and manufactured in-house. From the idea to the design and production through to sales and service, our products are supported exclusively by extremely well-trained WIRTGEN employees.


In the process, our customers’ opinions and interests play a particularly valuable role. This is because in addition to providing excellent after-sales service after the purchase of a machine, receiving feedback from customers which we incorporate into the development of new products is extremely important to us.


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Basic Machine
Basic machine with engine
Machine chassis with double-sided wasp waist
Hydraulically opening engine cover with noise insulation
Air compressor system
Battery operated hydraulic unit for engine cover/weather canopy
Cooling system with temperature-controlled fan speed
Milling Drum Assembly
Three milling drum rotation speeds with electric on/off function 104 rpm - 116 rpm - 129 rpm
Hydraulic material depressor with conveyor lifting function
Hydraulically adjustable and movable scraper blade with hydraulic locking system
Hydraulically lifting side plate, right clearance 450 mm and left clearance 330 mm
Water sprinkling strip in the milling drum unit
Milled-out material loading
Conveyor belt system with manually or automatically controllable transport speed
Water sprinkling system in the primary conveyor
Discharge conveyor slewing angle left 60 degrees – right 60 degrees
Discharge conveyor, 7,900 mm long, 850 mm wide, with hydraulic folding device
Machine Control and Leveling System
Multi-function control display showing important machine operating conditions
Extensive machine diagnosis in the control display
Milling power control with automatic on/off function
Two exterior panels for operating functions by ground personnel
Milling depth regulation with LEVEL PRO PLUS levelling system, with one operating display as well as one electrical height sensor in the hydraulic cylinder right and left on side plate
Operator´s Platform
Operator’s stand with complete flexible mounting
Convenient operating panel with practical switches
Convenient footstep to the operator’s stand, right and left
Covers for operating panels with lock
Two mirrors front, one mirror middle and one mirror in rear area of the machine
Under-carriage and height adjustment
Crawler unit tracks type B3
ISC - intelligent track speed control with hydraulic four chain drive
Freely selectable steering functions for the four-track steering
Extremely wear-resistant, two-piece EPS polyurethane track pads
Storage compartment between the rear crawler units for 4 pick bucket
Lighting package with 10 halogen work lights on the sides of the machine, located near the milling drum unit, on the bonnet and ladder area.
“Welcome” and “Go home” lights feature including LED lighting in the area of the operator’s access and platform
USB charging socket 1,000 mA for smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices
Large tool package in lockable tool box
Total of 6 EMERGENCY STOP switches at sensible positions on the machine
Water high-pressure system with automatic on/off function, 18 bar, 67 l/min
Water tank filling from rear of machine




Milling drum unit
Milling drum housing FB2000 FCS-L
Milling drum
FCS milling drum FB2000 HT22 LA18 with 148 picks
Milled-out material loading
VCS extraction system
Machine control and levelling system
Slope control sensor
Multiplex preliminary equipment comprising 4 sensor sockets
Multiplex 3-way right + left with 4 ultrasonic sensors
Hydraulic sensor for scanning ahead of the milling drum right + left
Operating display LEVEL PRO PLUS additionally
Operator´s stand
Weather canopy folds in electrohydraulically
Additional storage compartment on the operator´s stand with seating
Monitor system as manoeuvring aid with two cameras
Powerful LED lighting package 24 V with rotary beacons
High-pressure water cleaner, 150 bar 15 l/min
Hydraulic milling drum rotation device
Pneumatic hammer with pick ejector/inserter
Two folding seats for pick change
Lockable storage space for 4 pick buckets




Milling drum unit
Transport carriage for FCS milling drums from FB2000 to FB2200
Milling Drums
Milling drum FB2000 HT22 LA8 with 274 picks
Milling drum FB2000 HT5 LA6X2 with 672 picks
Milling drum FB2000 HT22 LA25 with 124 picks



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