Model PC200-8M0
Type Crawler Excavator
Weight Operation 19 800 - 20 500 kg
Bucket 0.50 - 1.20 m3
Engine Rated Powe 103 / 2 000 kW/rpm
Brand Komatsu
Country of Manufacture Japan
Location Viet Nam




Currently, motorized machines and especially excavators are an indispensable part in the field of civil, industrial and irrigation construction. In the market with many famous machine manufacturers such as Hitachi excavators, Catterpillar excavators, Kobelco excavators,... Besides, it would be remiss not to mention Komatsu crawler excavator PC200-8M0.


Máy đào Komatsu PC200-8M0


Komatsu crawer excavator PC200-8M0


Komatsu is the world's second largest supplier of construction and mining equipment, after Caterpillar. However, Komatsu has a larger market share than Caterpillar in some regions such as Japan and China. The company currently has many factories and branches in Japan, Asia, America and Europe and is still planning to continue to expand.


Komatsu excavator brand originated from Japan, appeared on the market since 1917. It can be said that this is one of the world's leading brands of excavators, currently competing fiercely with rivals. as big as Hitachi or Catterpillar. Komatsu excavator is considered as a machine with high durability, good working performance and common use. Perhaps that is also the reason why Vietnam and other countries around the world are very fond of the Komatsu line.


Komatsu excavators are specially designed for heavy duty applications. With a powerful engine, sturdy boom and bucket design, bearing iron material ensures workability and productivity in all cases. Along with compact structure and superior features, the company's machine can be widely applied such as: bridge construction, road construction, construction work in residential areas. The machine has many working modes with different engine speed and hydraulic system pressure to meet different conditions. In the fuel-saving mode, the machine still works effectively, in the heavy-duty mode, the machine can operate with the largest capacity, helping the digging and lifting force of the machine can be increased many times.


Below is the detailed product information of Komatsu crawler excavator PC200-8M0:




Máy đào Komatsu PC200-8MO
Arm   1840 2 410 2925
A Overall length mm 9480  9 495 9425
B Length on ground (Transport) mm 6270 5 700 4815
C Overall height (To top of boom) mm 2985 3 190 2970
D Overall width mm 2 800
E Overall height (To top of cab) mm 3 040
F Ground clearance, counterweight mm 1 085
G Ground clearance (Minimum) mm 440
H Tail swing radius mm 2 750
I Track length on ground mm 3 275
J Track length mm 4 070
K Track gauge mm 2 200
L Width of crawler mm 2 800
M Shoe width mm 600
N Grouser height mm 26
O Machine cab height mm 2 095
P Machine cab width mm 2 710
Q Distance, swing center to rear end mm 2 710


Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO 
Arm   1 480 2 410 2 925
A Max. digging height mm 9 500 9 800 10 000
B Max. dumping height mm 6 630 6 890 7 110
C Max. digging depth mm 5 380 6 095 6 620
D Max. vertical wall digging depth mm 4 630  5 430 5 980
E Max. digging reach (ground 2440 mm) mm 5 130 5 780 6 379
F Tầm với đào lớn nhất mm 8 850 9 380 9 875
F Max. digging reach at ground level mm 8 660 9 190 9 700
G Min. swing radius mm 3 010 3 090 3 040
SAE 1179 Rating        
Bucket digging force kN (kg) 157 (16 000) 138 (14 100) 138 (14 100)
Arm crowd force kN (kg) 139 (14 200) 124 ( 12 600) 101 (10 300)
SO 6015 Rating        
Bucket digging force kN (kg) 177 (18 000) 149 (15 200) 149 (15 200)
Arm crowd force kN (kg) 145 (14 800) 127 (13 000) 108 (11 000)




A: Reach from swing center


B: Bucket hook height


C: Lifting capacity


Cf: Rating over front


Cs: Rating over side


Rating at maximum reach

Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO
Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO
* Load is limited by hydraulic capacity rather than tipping. Ratings are based on SAE J1097. Rated loads do not exceed 87% of hydraulic lift capacity or 75% of tipping load


Model Komatsu SAA6D107E-1
Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged, and air-to-air aftercooled
Number of cylinders 6
SAE J1995, Gross kW 110 kW (147 HP) at 2 000 rpm
ISO 9249 / SAE J1349, Net kW 103 kW (138 HP) at 2 000 rpm
Fan drive method for radiator cooling Mechanical
Piston displacement l 6.69
Bore x Stroke mm 107 x 124
Governor  All-speed control, electronic
Type HydrauMind (Hydraulic Mechanical Intelligence New Design) system, closed-center system with load sensing valves and pressure compensated valves
Number of selectable working modes 6
Main pump Variable displacement piston type
Pumps for Boom, arm, bucket, swing, and travel circuits
Maximum flow l/min 439 
Supply for control circuit Self-reducing valve
Hydraulic motors    
Travel 2 x axial piston motor with parking brake
Swing 1 x axial piston motor with swing holding brake
Relief valve setting    
Implement circuits MPa (kgf/cm2) 37.3 (380)
Swing circuit  MPa (kgf/cm2) 27.3 (295)
Travel circuit MPa (kgf/cm2) 37.3 (380)
Pilot circuit MPa (kgf/cm2) 3.2 (33)
Center frame X-frame
Track frame Box-section
Seal of track Sealed track
Track adjuster Hydraulic
Number of shoes (Each side) 45
Number of carrier rollers (Each side) 2
Number of track rollers (Each side) 7
Steering control Two levers with pedals
Drive method Hydrostatic
Maximum drawbar pull kN (kg) 178 (18 200)
Maximum travel speed km/h

High: 5.5

Mid: 4.1

Low: 3.0

Service brake Hydraulic lock
Parking brake Mechanical disc brake
Fuel tank l 400
Coolant l 20.4
Engine  l 23.1
Final drive (Each side)  l 3.6
Swing drive l 6.5 
Hydraulic tank l 135
Drive method Hydrostatic
Swing reduction Planetary gear
Swing circle lubrication Grease-bathed
Holding brake/Swing lock Mechanical disc brake
Swing speed rpm 12.1


    Number Bore Stroke Rod Diameter
Boom mm 2 120 1 334 85
Arm mm 1 135 1 490 95
Arm 2.93 m mm 1 115 1 120 80
Arm 2.41 m mm 1 115 1 120 80
Arm 1.84 m  mm 1 125 1 110 85


Shoe Type Shoe kg kPa (kgf / cm2)
  600 mm 19900 46.1 (0.47)
  700 mm 20200 40.2 (0.41)
  800 mm 20500  35.3 (0.36)
Operating weight including 5700 mm one-piece boom, 2925 mmarm, SAE J 296 heaped 0.80 m3 backhoe bucket, rated capacity of lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank, operator, and standard equipment


Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO




Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO






Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO


Low Fuel Consumption


The newly-developed Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine enables NOx emissions to be signiIcantly reduced with the accurate multi-staged Fuel injection by the engine controller. It improves total engine durability using the high-pressure fuel injection system developed speciIcally for construction machinery. This excavator signiIcantly reduces hourly fuel consumption using the highly-efIcient matching techniques of the engine and hydraulic unit and also provides features that promote energy-saving operations such as the E mode and ECO gauge. 


Fuel consumption: 7% reduced Vs. PC200-8


Based on typical work pattern collected via KOMTRAX. Fuel consumption varies depending on job conditions.


Komatsu Technology


Komatsu develops and produces all major components, such as engines, electronics and hydraulic components, in house. With this “Komatsu Technology” and adding customer feedback, Komatsu is achieving great advancements in technology. To achieve both high levels of productivity and economical performance, Komatsu has developed the main components with a total control system. The result is a new generation of high performance and environment friendly excavators.


Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO


Low Emission Engine


Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 reduced NOx emission by 29% compared with the PC200-7. This engine is U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage 3A emissions equivalent.


Low Operation Noise


Enables a low noise operation using the low-noise engine and methods to cut noise at source.


Idling Caution


To prevent unnecessary fuel consumption, an idling caution is displayed on the monitor, if the engine idles for 5 minutes or more.


ECO Gauge that Assists Energy-saving Operations


Equipped with the ECO gauge that can be recognized at a glance on the right of the multifunction color monitor for environment-friendly energysaving operations. Allows focus on operation in the green range with reduced CO2 emissions and eficient fuel consumption.


Working Modes Selectable


The PC200-8M0 excavator is equipped with six working modes (P, E, L, B, ATT/P and ATT/E mode). Each mode is designed to match engine speed and pump output to the application. This provides the fexibility to match equipment performance to the job at hand.


- P:  Maximum production/power, fast cycle times.


- E: Good cycle times, better fuel economy, adjustable in 4 stages.


- L: Suitable attachment speed


- B: Optimum engine rpm, hydraulic flow.


- ATT/P: Optimum engine rpm , hydraulic flow, 2way, power mode.


- ATT/E: Optimum engine rpm, hydraulic flow, 2way, economy mode


The economy mode is adjustable in 4 stages. It is selectable from the economy mode adjustment selection menu as appropriate. The power output will be reduced when adjust from E0 to E3, however, the fuel consumption will be better.


Large Digging Force


When press the left knob switch which is called the one-touch power max. switch and when it is kept pressed, this function tem porarily increases digging force for 8.5 seconds of operation. 


- Maximum arm crowd force (ISO 6015): 101 kN (10.3 t) => 108 kN (11.0 t) (with Power Max.)


- Maximum bucket digging force (ISO 6015): 138 kN (14.1 t) => 149 kN (15.2 t) (with Power Max.)


Measured with Power Max. function, 2925 mm arm and ISO 6015 rating.




Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC130-8


Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC130-8


Low-noise Cab


The newly-designed cab is highly rigid and has excellent sound absorption ability. Thorough improvement of noise source reduction and use of low noise engine, hydraulic equipment, and air conditioner allows this machine to generate a low level of noise similar to that of a passenger car.


Wide Spacious


Newly-designed wide spacious cab includes seat with reclining backrest. The seat height and longitudinal inclination are easily adjusted using a pullup lever. You can set the appropriate operational posture of armrest together with the console. Reclining the seat further enables you to place it into the fully flat state with the headrest attached.


Cab Automatic A/C


Enables you to easily and precisely set cab atmosphere with the instruments on the large LCD. The bi-level control function keeps the operator’s head and feet cool and warm respectively. This improved air flow function keeps the inside of the cab comfortable throughout the year. Defroster function keeps front glass clear.


Low Vibration with Cab Damper Mounting


PC200-8M0 uses viscous damper mounting for cab that incorporates longer stroke and the addition of a spring. The new cab damper mounting combined with high rigidity deck aids vibration reduction at operator seat.


Pressurized Cab


A/C, air filter and a higher internal air pressure prevent external dust from entering the cab.


Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC130-8


ROPS Cab (ISO 12117-2)


The machine is equipped with a ROPS cab (ISO 12117-2) for excavators as standard equipment. The ROPS cab has high shock-absorption performance, featuring excellent durability and impact strength. It also satisfies the requirements of OPG top guard level 1 (ISO 10262) for falling objects. Combined with the retractable seat belt, The ROPS cab protects the operator in case of tipping over and against falling objects


Lock Lever


Locks the hydraulic pressure to prevent unintentional movement. Neutral start function allows machine to be started only in lock position.


Large Side-view, Sidewise, Rear and Front Under-view Mirrors


Enlarged side mirrors and addition of front under mirror allow the PC200-8M0 to meet the visibility requirements (ISO 5006).


Slip-resistant Plates


Highly durable slip-resistant plates maintain superior traction performance for the long term.


Rear View Monitor System (Optional)


The operator can view the rear of the machine with a color monitor screen.


Thermal and Fan Guards


Thermal and fan guards are placed around high-temperature parts of the engine and fan drive


Pump/engine Room Partition


Pump/engine room partition prevents oil from spraying onto the engine if a hydraulic hose should burst.


Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC130-8


Large LCD Color Monitor


A large user-friendly color monitor enables safe, accurate and smooth work. Improved screen visibility is achieved by the use of LCD that can easily be read at various angles and lighting conditions. Simple and easy to operate switches. Industry first function keys facilitate multi-function operations. Displays data in 12 languages to globally support operators around the world.




1. Auto-decelerator


2. Working mode


3. Travel speed


4. Engine water temperature gauge


5. Hydraulic oil temperature gauge


6. Fuel gauge


7. ECO gauge


8. Function switches menu


Basic operation switches


1. Auto-decelerator


2. Working mode selector


3. Traveling selector


4. Buzzer cancel


5. Wiper


6. Windshield washer


Equipment Management Monitoring System


Monitor function


Controller monitors engine oil level, coolant temperature, battery charge and air clogging, etc. If controller finds any abnormality, it is displayed on the LCD.


Maintenance function


Monitor informs replacement time of oil and filters on LCD when the replacement interval is reached.


Trouble data memory function


Monitor stores abnormalities for effective troubleshooting.




Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO


High Rigidity Work Equipment


Boom and arms are constructed of thick plates of high tensile strength steel. In addition, these structures are designed with large cross-sectional areas and generous use of castings. The result is working attachments that exhibit long term durability and high resistance to bending and torsional stress.


Metal Guard Rings


Metal guard rings protect all the hydraulic cylinders and improve reliability


Sealed Connectors


Sealed connectors seal tight and have higher reliability


Reliable Components


All of the major machine components, such as engine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motors and control valves are exclusively designed and manufactured by Komatsu.


O-ring Face Seal


The hydraulic hose seal method has been changed from a conventional taper seal to an O-ring seal. This provides improved sealing performance




Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO


Side-by-side Cooling


Since radiator, aftercooler and oil cooler are arranged in parallel, it is easy to clean, remove and install them. Radiator, aftercooler, and oil cooler made of aluminum have high cooling efficiency and are easily recycled


Easy Access to Engine Oil Filter, Engine Main Fuel Filter and Fuel Drain Valve


Engine oil filter, engine main fuel filter and fuel drain valve are remote mounted to improve accessibility.


Sloping Track Frame


Prevents dirt and sand from accumulating and allows easy mud removal.


Long-life Oil, Filter


Uses high-performance filtering materials and long-life oil. Extends the oil and filter replacement interval


- Engine oil & Engine oil filter every 500 hours.


- Hydraulic oil every 5000 hours.


- Hydraulic oil filter every 1000 hours


Equipped with the Drain Valve as Standard


Prevents clothes and the ground from becoming contaminated due to oil leakage when replacing the engine oil.


Equipped with the Fuel Prefilter (With Water Separator)


Removes water and contaminants in the fuel to prevent fuel problems. (With built-in priming pump)


Washable Cab Floormat


The PC200-8M0’s cab floormat is easy to keep clean. The gently inclined surface has a flanged floormat and drainage holes to facilitate runoff. 


Large-capacity Fuel Tank and Rustproof Treatment


247 L high-capacity fuel tank. Effective corrosion resistance using rustproof treatment


Easy to Clean A/C Filter


The A/C filter is removed and installed without the use of tools facilitating filter maintenance.


Long Greasing Interval (Optional)


High quality bushings are optionally available for work equipment pins except arm top pin. All bushing lubrication intervals of work equipment except arm top bushings are 500 hours, reducing maintenance cost.




Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO


Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO

Attachment Piping Specification


Equips PC200-8M0 for breaker and crusher installation. Hydraulic flow rate can be regulated by setting Breaker Mode on monitor panel during breaker operation.


Komatsu Genuine Attachment Tool


Komatsu-recommended attachment tools for hydraulic excavators. A wide range of attachment tools are provided to suit customers’ specific applications


Hydraulic breaker


The hydraulic breaker is an attachment tool used for crushing rock beds and paved surfaces, demolishing concrete structures, etc. The large gas chamber, ideal gas pressure ratio, and long-stroke piston deliver
a powerful impact force. Since the breaker unit does not require an accumulator, the number of parts has been reduced, resulting in lower maintenance costs.




This attachment tool is used for demolishing concrete structures. Since it does not have a striking mechanism and features low noise and low vibration, it is suitable for work in urban areas. The openclose cylinder is equipped with a speed-up valve for increasing work speed.




máy xúc lật Komatsu WA150-6


Komatsu Total Support


To keep your machine available and minimize operation cost when you need it, Komatsu Distributor is ready to provide a variety of supports before and after procuring the machine.


Technical support


Komatsu product support service (Technical support) is designed to help customer. Komatsu Distributor offers a variety of effective services to show how much Komatsu is dedicated to the maintenance and support of Komatsu machine.


- Preventive Maintenance (PM) clinic


- Oil & Wear analysis program


- Undercarriage inspection service, etc.


Fleet recommendation


Komatsu Distributor can study the customer’s job site and provide the most optimum fleet recommendation with detailed information to meet all of your application needs when you are considering to buy new machines or replace the existing ones from Komatsu.


Product support


Komatsu Distributor gives the proactive support and secures the quality of the machinery that will be delivered.


Parts availability


Komatsu Distributor is available for emergency inquiry by the customers for genuine, quality guaranteed Komatsu parts.


Repair & maintenance service


Komatsu Distributor offers quality repair and maintenance service to the customer, utilizing and promoting Komatsu developed programs.


Komatsu Reman (Remanufactured) components


Komatsu Reman products are the result of the implementation of the Komatsu global policy which establishes and agrees to reduce the owning, operating and total Life Cycle Costs (LCC) to Komatsu’s customer through high quality, prompt delivery and competitively priced in own remanufactured products (QDC).




The Komatsu remote monitoring and management technology provides insightful data about your equipment and fleet in user-friendly format.


Máy đào bánh xích Komatsu PC200-8MO


Energy Saving Operation Report


KOMTRAX delivers the energy-saving operation report based on the operating information such as fuel consumption, load summary and idling time, which helps you efficiently run a business.


Equipment Management Support


Through the web application, a variety of search parameters are available to quickly find information about specific machines based on key factors. Moreover, KOMTRAX finds out machines with problems from your fleet and shows you through an optimal interface.


dịch vụ komatsu


Optimal Strategy for Efficient Work


The detailed information that KOMTRAX puts at your fingertips helps you manage your fleet conveniently on the web anytime, anywhere. It gives you the power to make better daily and long-term strategic decisions.


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