Model CKS3000
Brand Kobelco
Maximum lifting capacity 300 t
Max. boom length 90 m
Max. Fixed Jib Combination  78 m + 30.5 m
Year of Manufacture 2020
Country of Manufacture Japan
Location Viet Nam
Contact 0906 702 060 (Mr Tuyen)
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cẩu bánh xích kobelco cks3000


Working range chart (Crane Boom)


cẩu bánh xích kobelco cks3000


cẩu bánh xích kobelco cks3000


cẩu bánh xích kobelco cks3000


cẩu bánh xích kobelco cks3000


cẩu bánh xích kobelco cks3000


Lift Enhancer


HL Mast
HL 30 m
SHL 30 m
Additional Weight SHL 120 t


Luffing Boom


Max. Lifting Capacity STD 300 t × 5.5 m
HL 189.8 t × 8.8 m
SHL 350 t × 8.0 m
Additional Weight

STD 24 ~ 90 m
HL 36 ~ 78 m
SHL 36 ~ 102 m


Fixed Jib


Max. Lifting Capacity STD 26.5 t × 16.1m
Max. Cambination STD 78 m + 30.5 m


Heavy Fixed Jib


Max. Lifting Capacity STD 40 t × 22m
Max. Cambination STD 72 m + 30m


Luffing Jib


Max. Lifting Capacity STD 120 t × 13 m
HL 117.2 t × 13 m
SHL 120 t × 15 m
Max. Cambination

STD 60 m + 66 m
HL 60 m + 90 m
SHL 84 m + 90 m
Luffing Angle   68° ~ 88°


Power Plant


Model SCANIA DC13 76A
Engine Output 331 kW / 2,100 min-1{rpm}
Fuel Tank Capacity 600 liters


Hoist Winch (H1,H2)


Line Speed 115 ~ 3 m/min
Rated Line Pull 147 kN
Wire Rope Diameter 28 mm
Wire Rope Length 600 m (H1), 390 m (H2)


Working Speed


Swing Speed 1.7 min-1 {rpm}
Travel Speed 1.0 / 0.6 km/h


Hydraulic System


Main Pumps 8 variable displacement
Max. Pressure 31.9 MPa {326 kgf/cm2}
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 860 liters


Self-Removal Device


Counterweight/crawler self-removal device (Option)




Operating Weight* Approx. 325 t
Ground Pressure* 148 kPa {1.52 kgf/cm2}
Counterweight (upper) 140 t (standard), 160 t (option)


Units are SI units. { } indicates conventional units.


* Including base machine, 140 t counterweights and 40 t carbody weights, counterweight self removal device, 24m standard boom and 350t hook block.


Without counterweight self removal device : Working weight 322t, Ground bearing pressure 147kPa.





The Kobelco newly designed touch panel screen with sunshade and screen protector is an industry first. This intuitive and easy to understand new touch screen monitor gives the operator a full display of essential data. Universal pictograms are used providing easy visual recognition, making this new technology easy to read and understand the information. This new monitor includes : Hook Height, Engine Speed, Display Lamp of standard functions, Gauges, Over-Swing Prevention Device, Switches, and Error Messages.

Power Plant

Diesel engine - make and model SCANIA DC13 76A


Exhaust level is equivalent with NRMM (Europe) Stage III A / US EPA Tier3.


No. of cylinders 6 cylinders


Bore × stroke 130 mm × 160 mm


Cycles 4 cycles


Total displacement 12.7 L


Rated output SAE GROSS 331 kW / 2,100 min-1


Maximum torque 2,007 N·m / 1,600 min-1


Starter 24 Volts / 6.0 kWAlternator 24 Volts / 150 Amp


Batteries Two 12 volt, 136 AH/5 HR capacity series connected.


Radiator Corrugated type core, thermostatically controlled.


Throttle: Twist grip type hand throttle, electrically actuated, in conjunction with floor mounted pedal.


Air cleaner Dry type with replaceable paper element.


Fuel tank capacity 600 L


Lube oil filters: Full flow and by-pass type with replaceable paper element type


Fuel filter: Replaceable paper element with water separator.

Hydraulic System

Maximum pressure rating: 31.9 MPa (326 kg/cm2)


Cooling: Oil to air heat exchanger


Filtration: Full flow filters with replaceable stainless meshed strainer for input and glass fiber elements for return.


Reservoir capacity: 860 L

Hydraulic pumps

Load hoist (H1) and propel (R): 2 piston type pumps, max flow rate 263.9 l/min x 2


Load hoist (H2) and propel (L): 2 piston type pumps, max flow rate 263.9 l/min x 2


Boom and Jib hoist (W1 / W2): 2 piston type pumps, max flow rate 348.5 l/min


Boom and jib hoist (W1 / W2) acceleration: 1 piston type pump, max flow rate 271 l/min


Swing: 1 piston type pump, max flow rate 348.5 l/min


Control system and auxiliary: 2 gear type pumps, max flow rate 63.8 + 42 l/min


Brake cooling system (optional for free fall winch): 1 gear type pumps, max flow rate 64.3 l/min x 2

Counterweight and Carbody weight

Counterweight Base 20 t × 1


Counterweight (R) 10 t × 6, 5 t*1 × 2


Counterweight (L) 10 t × 6, 5 t*1 × 2


Total Counterweight 160 t


Carbody weight A 17.6 t × 2


Carbody weight B*2 2.5 t × 2


Total Carbody weight*2 40.2 t


*1 5 t counterweight : optional


*2 Including the weight of platform

Electric system

All wiring color coded for easy servicing, individual fused branch circuits

Standard Mast 

This mast is to be all-welded box type structure with high tensile steel equipped with self-lifting cylinder. The mast is necessary regardless of the boom length.

Operator's cab 

Totally enclosed from weather, this full-vision cab has safety glass all around, sliding door and tilting to 15.8 degrees by hydraulic cylinders.


The adjustable, high-backed seat with armrest is capable of adjustment with or without the control console.


Auxiliary controls and instruments are on a side mounted console.


A signal horn, windshield wipers, air-conditioner, and swing limiter are all standard features.


The operator's cab swings in front of the upper machine for transportation width to be 2.99 m.


At the operator's right are console-mounted adjustable short levers (hydraulic over hydraulic) for the front and rear drum and the boom hoist control.


Fine inching control, drum rotation indicators and optional free fall activation switches are built in to the levers.


Beside the seat on the right are two short levers (hydraulic over hydraulic) for propel control, plus individual speed dial controls for front, rear and boom drums.


At the left is the console mounted a swing lever, an optional luffing jib hoist drum control (hydraulic over hydraulic), individual speed dial controls for luffing jib drum and reeving winch, switches for front and rear drum, boom and luffing jib drum pawls, and the engine start / stop key.


A swing brake control switch and signal horn button are on the swing lever.


On the floor is a boom hoist, a throttle pedal and optional free fall pedals if selected


Swing unit: Two sets of hydraulic motor driving through planetary reducer to output swing pinion for 360 degrees rotation.


Mode: Switchable three modes, free fast, free slow and auto brake.


Swing brake: Spring set hydraulically released multiple disk brake mounted on swing motor.


Swing circle: Wider diameter and triple row roller bearing with internal swing gear.


Powered by hydraulic variable plunger motors, driven through planetary reducers.


Negative brake: A spring-set, hydraulically released multiple disc brake and a safety spooled load control counter - valance valve are mounted on the hoist motor.


Drum lock: External ratchet for locking drum


Load hoist (H1 & H2) drums (None free fall)


- Max. line pull (1st layer) 254 kN


- Rated line pull (all layers) 147 kN 620 mm P.C.D × 926 mm Lg., grooved for 28 mm dia. wire rope.


- Rope capacity is 600 m strage length.


Free fall function (optional)


- Maximum line pull (1st layer) 274.2 kN


- Rated line pull (all layers) 147 kN


Boom drum (W1): Double drum, grooved for 26 mm wire rope.


Luffing jib drum (W2) (Optional), mounted on the base boom, grooved for 26 mm wire rope.




Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35


Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35


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Surface drill rig - Atlas Copco Powerroc T35